Daughter of evil

Vanessa Riddles's home is an orphanage. Her mother is dead and her father is unknown. Since she was four she has known she is a witch and when she receives a letter from Hogwarts she goes there in the hope that her life will turn better. But when she finds out the horrible truth about her father everything changes.


2. The orphanage

The orphanage

Vanessa looked out through the closed window in her room. Outside the other children played with each other. The mistress for the orphanage was someone called Mary Rosewood. She was the one who took care of Vanessa. Mary was very kind and she understood Vanessa in a way that no one else did, but she was also very strict. Since Vanessa was a witch, she couldn't consort with others outside because of her uncontrolled powers. But Vanessa was 11 years now and five years had gone since she had found out who she was. And surely her powers were controlled after that many years..?

She looked back at her bed. It was dressed and clean and on top of the white pillow there was a letter which she hadn't noticed before. Vanessa opened the envelope and smiled when she recognised Mary's handwriting. She usually left small messages for her when she wanted Vanessa to for example do the dishes or clean.

Dear Vanessa,

Happy birthday! Unfortunately I can't celebrate with you today. I've got a few errands in Bristol. But I hope you have a nice day anyway and I'll see you tomorrow!

P.S. Since it is your birthday you get to choose today's dinner. Just tell our cook Matt what you want!

Vanessa had actually forgotten it was her birthday, and was disappointed that Mary wouldn't be there. But then she went down to the kitchen to share her dinner plans with Matt.

"Salad?!" Matt repeated surprised. Vanessa nodded and smiled. "But it's your birthday! Don't you want to have grilled chicken or fish or.." Vanessa interrupted him.

"It will do just fine with an ordinary salad. I don't want anything too luxurious." Matt looked as if he wanted to continue protesting, but then he sighed and a small smile appeared on his lips.

"Okay then! But only because it's your birthday. Don't forget that Mary employed me for my exceptional cooking skills!" "Don't worry, I won't", said Vanessa and laughed. "But salad's great!" And with that she left the kitchen and Matt's declared look behind.

The portrait room was an enormous room with almost only portraits. In the middle of the room there was a red carpet, three comfy leather chairs and a small table. Vanessa had lived on the orphanage many years and she still found new portraits every week. She went to the portrait on the other side of the room. It showed a little girl who was standing between her mother and father. It was Vanessa's favourite portrait. She liked to imagine she was the little girl. That she had a real family. Although she knew it wasn't true, she felt better when she pretended it was.

Just then Matt came. In his hand there was an envelope.

"This came just now", he said, "and it is to you."

"But who would write to me?" Vanessa asked. "Did the mailman tell you?"

"It wasn't a mailman who gave me the letter. It was an owl!"

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