Daughter of evil

Vanessa Riddles's home is an orphanage. Her mother is dead and her father is unknown. Since she was four she has known she is a witch and when she receives a letter from Hogwarts she goes there in the hope that her life will turn better. But when she finds out the horrible truth about her father everything changes.


1. Prologue


One late, rainy night a woman knocked on the door to an orphanage in London. In her arms there was a little girl. The door was opened by a woman with a dark, elegant dress.

"What is it?!" she asked angrily. The woman was now down on her knees, looking desperately up at her. "Are you aware that it's almost midnight?!"

"Yes, but can you please take my only child and take care of her?"

"No. I'm afraid we're already full. But there is an orphanage near Bristol", said the lady in the black dress.

"Please! Her name is Vanessa Katherine Riddle. Take care of her". The woman gave the child to the lady who gently embraced it.

"And who is her father?" she asked. But it was too late. The woman was dead.

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