1D Imagines

I need prompts for this so comment this can be what ever you want underage boyxboy Ziall LILO nouis narry ect


4. Irish Roots

Rating PG-13

Pairing: Madi And Niall

Madi's POV

MADI GET YOUR LAZY ASS DOWN HEAR!!! I heard my stepfather yell

I went downstairs only to almost being hit with a vase what the hell Robert I yelled

Don't you scream at me you little bitch he yelled

What do you want I said

I want you to go to my room and undress your going to pleasure me again I said

No No not again I said almost in the brink of tears

Get up there you whore he screamed

I ran upstairs but not to his room but to the bathroom I grabbed a bag I put under the sink packed with 1 extra pair of clothes and some money I save up I climbed out the bathroom widow climbing down the vine holder I'm my garden when my feet hit the ground I heard Robert yell my name by now I was running I didn't know wear but I ran till my feet hurt

I was walking down the to this park I say on the bench and started crying my eyes out I didn't know where I was going just as long as I was out of there.

Um are you ok I heard a Irish accent say

I look up to see a gorgeous boy with cerulean blue eyes and bleached hair brown roots showing

Yeah I just don't know where to go I said almost crying

It's ok he said my name is Niall by the way he said with a smile

We'll I'm Madi I said wiping away my tears

Why don't you have anywhere to go he asked

I told him my whole story after I finished he gave me a sympathetic look well you can stay with me he said I looked up in shock I nodded really fast he took my hand pulling me across the street we went into his flat it looked homey

We'll this is my I mean our home he said why don't you shower the bathrooms down the hall and to the left after taking a shower I see Niall making food I sat on the couch he came up sitting next to me

Thank you so much I said sobbing

No no don't cry he said but it was to late I couldn't stop

He grabbed my chin putting his lips to mine I was shocked at first but out lips fit so perfectly like two puzzle pieces I didn't stop we kissed and went all the way after that me and Niall were and item 1 month later I found out I was pregnant after eight months our first child was born we had gotten married and had 4 more children I love being with my Irish lover I'm now known as Madi Horan

AN: this is for Madi here you go I hope you like but really keep making request and I need a rating you need to pick so I know if I should add smut or not but thanks for reading lovelies

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