The Lightning Strikes

'What if this storm ends, and I don't see you?' Roisin Clifford is an Irish girl living in Cornwall, with just her mother and her horse. Things are changing, and her mother is starting to lose her mind.


1. 1


I turned the tag around to look at the price. Forty pounds for a top? I don't think I'm going to get it. I turn to Zayn, who's looking at a skirt, his head tilted slightly to the side. 

 "This dress would suit you," he said, his Bradford accent ringing through my ears.

 "Not at seventy pounds, it wouldn't." I wondered, for a moment, why we even came into this shop. Oh, yeah. So we can laugh at the amount people pay for clothes. 

 "Fine," he sighs. "Want to get food?" He looked up, his brown eyes shining.

 "That's why you're my best friend," I grinned. He always knew exactly what I wanted. Well, after I moved over from Ireland. 

 "Are you going to tell me why you moved down here yet?" I asked gently as we ate our Subway rolls. 

 "No." His face hardened immediately. 

 "It's been practically a year, and you haven't told me anything. We're supposed to be friends."

 "It's been four months. Not even half a year." He stands up, his chair scraping against the tiled floor. 
 I curse under my breath, and quickly wrap up my foll. "Zayn, where are you going? I'm sorry."

 "Well, you should think before you open your mouth, shouldn't you. But you never do. You blurt out the most stupid shit. That's why you have no friends," he said, swinging around on the footpath. 

 My face flushed with embarrassment and anger. "That's not fair," I exclaimed.

 "No, what's not fair is that you keep asking that question, even though you know I'm not going to answer!" He gripped my shoulders. "Can't you see...?"

 "Can't I see what?" I whispered, suddenly scared at the intensity in his eyes.

 "Don't bring it up again." He turned on his heel and continued up the path, towards the bus stop.


 I know it kind of rushed into the action, but I didn't want the first chapter to be boring... :)

 1 like for the next chapter. <3

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