Waiting for Summer

Fresh out of college, Summer is starting her first year at university. Modeling all throughout college her mother tells her that she must go to university or her mum won't give Summer her pay checks. Forced to work, Summer gets her first real job a a bakery in town where she meets the number one person who she hates...Harry Styles. They tried dating once but it didn't work out when the rumors about Haylor were spreading. So when Harry tries to win her back, will Summer be her usual defiant independent self? Or will she give Harry a second chance? Read more to find out x


5. University sucks

When I went home that night, I apologized to my mum with no luck. She was still mad about the way I treated her. When I told her about what happened with Harry and I she said nothing. I knew she was thinking that I deserved it...which I did I guess.


I went to bed angry that night. I deleted Harry's number out of my phone and called Regie and cursed him out for giving Harry my number and told him that it was all his fault for my awful date. "Thanks a lot," I said as I hung up my phone. I stayed up for hours thinking how everything could've went if what happened that day didn't happen. What if nothing bad happened, we just had Starbucks and talked about nothing to serious and it was just a normal type of date. I wondered if I would've even given him a second chance if the date did go well. I thought I'd never find out because I was so angry with him.


That week I signed up at Lovelle Telescope University in Cheshire. Thank God, I still lived at home. I had the decision to either have a dorm room or stay at home. The drive was long though. It wasn't five minuets away sadly, so every morning I had to get ready and go to school in a different town. For some reason Lovelle they decided to bring grade school rules back into play with a buddy system. Since I didn't attend the freshmen orientation a week before school started, I was given a buddy instead.


"Oh joy." I said as the dean of students handed me a piece of paper with the girls name and room number. 666. I laughed aloud. The dean of students looked at me suspiciously.


"Are you okay Miss?" she asked pointedly. I couldn't stifle my laughter. I covered my mouth and looked at her as I regained my composure. 


"Yes, I'm fine." I said as I escorted myself from her office. The hallways were always packed and bustling with students and professors. I never really got used to the crowds in school...well mainly because I was never in school. I was always too busy with modeling. Oh God modeling. I reached in my pocket and I pulled out my phone. I dialed Regie's number. 


I'm sorry this phone line has been disconnected. Press 7 for more information in regards to-


I put my phone back in my pocket and slumped up against a wall. I slowly slid down and covered my face with my hands. I cursed my mother's name to hell. I was kicked by passerby's walking down the hall way. 


"Hey," I heard someone whisper. I kept my face down. A desperate university guy trying to get with the new girl, how original.


"No, I would not like to fuck, sorry I'm gay," I lied so the hopeless boy could leave me alone. I wanted him to leave but instead he sat beside me. Okay...maybe he's not that bad, I thought. Most other guys would've already left and probably called me a bitch or something.


"I'm sorry," The boy says placing his hand on my thigh. I gasped, not expecting his warm hand to find my thigh. I wasn't used to this. I lifted my head up but didn't look at him. I just starred straight ahead. "Can we try again?" He asked. I still didn't look at him even though his voice was becoming vaguely familiar with every word he spoke. "I wasn't trying to hit on you my name is Harr-" I turned around and I wanted to wrap my hands around his neck when I realized it wasn't the Harry I was thinking it was going to be. Oh my,what was going on with me? The boy looked confused. I bet you I looked very similar to a dog with rabies or something. He stood up and swung his satchel over his shoulder and stormed down the hallway without another word. As he walked away I couldn't help but notice how short his pants were and his high socks and converse. He really was a nerd. Well hopefully he would tell all of his little nerd friends how crazy the new girl is and then word would spread and no one would  to hit on me. Great. I thought as I stood up and started to walk down the hallway confidently. I did my best runway walk and when I approached door 666 I walked in on two people having sex.

"Welcome to college," The girl who was riding the boy said in an American accent. I dropped my books and placed my coat down. I waved.


"Hey, I'll catch up with you later." I walked right back out into the hallway and laughed. "University sucks" I said to myself with a chuckle. That girl, later to be known as Raven became my best friend and gave me a job at her grandma's bakery. She showed me to always face my fears and walk into life with an open heart, even if it means you get hurt in the long run. 


"...heartbreak is the probably one of the worst things that could happen to you, but once it happens you know you're in love."

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