Waiting for Summer

Fresh out of college, Summer is starting her first year at university. Modeling all throughout college her mother tells her that she must go to university or her mum won't give Summer her pay checks. Forced to work, Summer gets her first real job a a bakery in town where she meets the number one person who she hates...Harry Styles. They tried dating once but it didn't work out when the rumors about Haylor were spreading. So when Harry tries to win her back, will Summer be her usual defiant independent self? Or will she give Harry a second chance? Read more to find out x


3. Dreams

       When I was little I dreamed of being a dancer. I wanted to be a ballerina, and do the pretty little spins and stand on my tip toes and be graceful and...beautiful. So when I was four I asked my mum to put my in dance classes and I took them until I was 15. When I turned 15 my mum took me shopping for my birthday. While I was in the mall, some woman came up to me and asked if I wanted to be a model. I remember shaking my head, filling out papers before the woman could finish her last sentence. The woman told us that day to call this man and he'd tell us what to do next.


So when we got home that day I called that long number. I waited until someone picked up and I told them about how I got asked if I wanted them to be a model and the man directed me to London in a big beautiful building. I dragged my mum to come a long, and for almost two hours I waited in a room with beautiful girls, skinnier then a rods. When my name was called I walked into the mans office. An old man sat behind a desk.


"Your name?" He asked.


"Summer." I told him.


"How much do you weigh Summer?" He asked.


"150." I said.


"Next!" He called. I was horrified. My mouth dropped to the floor.


"Wait why" I asked.


"Loose 50 pounds and you'll get the job I promise, next." I was forced out of the room. I went home that day and threw up the McDonald's that I ate. I didn't eat dinner for two months after that man told me that. I went back to London, and like he promised I got that modeling job.


"Summer, you're back. It's nice to see you again." He said, his eyebrows raised.


"You too sir, now can I get that job? " I asked. His pale grey eyes raked my anorexic body. I wore a low cut shirt that day to show off my barley there breast and sharp collar bones that stuck out like needles against a balloon.


"Are you sure about this Summer?" The man asked. "If you want it you'll get the job, you're beautiful...there's more to this business then it seems..." He said.


"Positive. I knew I wanted this job ever since that woman asked me when I turned 15. I want this a lot more than most of these girls. Don't you realize I'm probably one of the only girls who got rejected who actually came back? I want this, and I'll do anything to have it." I said.


"You got it. With in a couple of months, your face will be on the cover of VOGUE." I later knew this man by the name of Regie, when he became my manager. I met some pretty famous people while I was modeling. Like the guy who I thought I'd never fall for and see again until I started working at a bakery in my home town and later to find out...my home town also belonged to him.


"You'll get to meet One Direction today," Regie chirped in my ear as I sat on the chair in the Seventeen office.


"Oh joy." I said sarcastically as I looked through Seventeen magazine's.


"Don't be so bitter Summer...one of them could become your boyfriend. It'd make your career go though the roof!" Regie exclaimed. I laughed.


"It wouldn't last long, their insane fandom would kill me before a picture of one of us was leaked to the internet." I said through chuckles. It made Regie laugh too. "Besides, I only know one of their songs and I don't even like it. I don't know why radio stations play it out." I say nonchalantly.


"Well I think all of them are taken besides the Irish boy anyway." Regie said.


"I don't even know who you're talking about," I said. Regie gave up then. He knew I was stubborn and wasn't expecting it when the door flung open and One Direction stepped through and I locked eyes with Harry Styles, who I had no idea who he was and even existed until afterwards. He wore a Rush t-shirt with sweat pants and a black beanie where his curls poked out of different sides. We starred at each other and he took his seat he smiled and said hello.


My throat was dry. I was used to seeing beautiful people all the time, so why all of a sudden was I so nervous. Maybe it's because he was a superstar or something, I honestly didn't know then and I still don't know now. I tucked my blonde hair behind my ears and smiled back. "Hi..." I finally said awkwardly. What was up with me, I thought. Why all of a sudden was I so out of my element. Flirting was what I was taught to do. It's gotten me so many jobs and opportunities how was this any different. I thought that I'd never see this guy again so why did I care about everything so damn much.


"I'm Harry," He said his voice smooth in my ears. "What's your name?" He asked.


"Summer," I said. He nodded his head as if my name was good enough.


"Summer, that's a pretty name. Where are you from?" He asked. So many questions, no else showed as much interest in me as he did that day.


"Homes Chapple," I said. Harry's face lit up like a light bulb, his smile showed his dimples which were so cute.


"Me too!" He said a little too happily. Great, we were from the same town so what? It's not like we'd ever run into each other. "Maybe sometime we ca-


"Boy's, you're up!" I woman called from an opened door. "Come on, we have to do you guy's makeup." She said. Harry ripped a piece of paper out of a magazine on the end table next to him and wrote something on it. The rest of the boys left to room and were getting their makeup done. The woman holding the door open was waiting impatiently for him. "Come on Harry, the show can't go on without you," She said annoyed. Harry shoved the pen in his pocket and handed me a little folded up piece of paper. 


"Call me," he said. The old me started to kick back in and my inner bitch came out once again.


"We only just met, no." I said. Regie nudged me with his knee. Even though I shut him down, Harry's face showed no defeat. I looked at Regie his eyes were big. "What?" I whispered. He shook his head disapprovingly. I was always doing something wrong in Regie's eyes.


"I'll be waiting for you Summer." He said approaching the door.


"Just give up Harry, I'm not going to fall under your spell like everyone else. Eat your heart out." I said with an attitude. 


"We'll see." He said, the metal door slamming shut behind him. 


"What is wrong with you Summer?" Regie scolded. I laughed. He should know by that that I wasn't the average lady, I guess you could say.


"Everything." I told him,. crossing my arms over my chest. 


"You are going to call him right?" He said. I looked at his number that he scribble on the paper. I looked at Regie and shredded the paper into little pieces. 


"Nope, " I said.


"You are bitter." Regie said. Was that his new favorite word now or something.


"I couldn't even read it anyway." I lied.

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