A different country every bite

This is a story about a girl named Allura, whose fate is sealed in a deadly secret, where she is found to pierce the veil between different countries and her own, when she enters the special bubblegum shop; there is no escape and her fate is revealed in time.


1. My start to life


He was real. I knew he was because we uncovered the secret together, I wasn't alone anymore. Allura, the only child who was known to be fierce and independent, but at the same time she felt isolated and shunned out from society. There he was, the speck of happiness in her life, not to say that she wasn't content with her family and her friends that she was kindly given. Furthermore she had always craved a security that couldn't be transmitted elsewhere, the waterfall of chemistry, the scent of his skin like the most notorious drug that she was in despair for. His blonde, wispy hair floating in the sea of her darkness...


"Get up Allura!"

It was my mother, Melanie shouting from downstairs and as I dragged my clothes on, my school alarm buzzed in every corner of my bedroom, piercing my whole inside. "I will be down in one minute, just wait!" I shouted back, in annoyance. I was fumbling with my hair and my make-up, when my phone suddenly sang my favourite song of all time, indicating that I had got a new text message. Thinking to myself that I couldn't waste anymore time and that it had already been about fifteen minutes, I wrenched myself away from the screen; in such a hurry that I caught my cardigan on the back of my bed.

Running down the stairs to grab some toast with Nutella on, I flew down the back door and returned onto the pavement to run to my college. No wonder, nearly everyone had classed me as ' the best long distance runner out of the girls, by far.' I really loved running, it set me free in a way that no other sport did. To be honest, I was fairly into sports in general, I  swam regularly, had a personal trainer who trained me in fitness and I played hockey at a local club.

I strolled in with a smile stitched to my face, the girl who was known as warm and approachable, whom had great friends, to which she had never had before in her entire life, stood on these very steps. At school, she had never really felt that she had fit in, regardless of how beautiful she was, how determined a worker she was and how independent she always knew she was. There was a maturity disguised in her that was waiting patiently to roam once it got the chance and at college this was only the start of it. She had never touched a cigarette before, drank a drop of alcohol or been tortured by drugs. She was considered a pure soul in the core.


'Allura!' I whipped round to find to my excitement, Carla prodding my hips and just as I screamed in my hyper tone, she exclaimed with a passion:"There is going to be a college party soon, you have to come and don't you dare tell me you can't!" I stared into her bubbly face, which looked like a cauldron exploding with a blast of popping candy, as I replied to her dismay. 

"I don't know, I'm not up to that sort of thing, you know I have never gone to a sixth form party or any cool party that is our age." I sighed heavily and watched the clock. " Come on, we have to get to tutor or we're going to be late and do you know how grumpy Mr Ethernet can get?"  Carla stopped in her tracks and stated in a matter-of-fact way, " Your'e just trying to get out of it, aren't you?" After that, I grabbed her hand and led her down the corridor, down a flight of stairs to our tutor room.

Carla wasn't out of breath and I knew that she shouldn't be, because she takes part in the running clubs with me, so thinking that it was a brilliant idea, I knew she could do it, I love running with her, it's great being in her company- I am so comfortable with it now.

We entered the room and as I searched the familiar surroundings, there was a face that was unfamiliar and mystique, that seemed to pop out of the shadows and into the midst of familiarity...





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