The Unknown (h.s. vampire)

One Direction is just a normal boy band, that has millions of girls falling at their feet, right? Well your wrong, what happen when 5 girls named Monique, Tori, Jessie, Kelly and Kali go backstage to meet the Fab 5, when just one trip of 'going back because I left something' comes and changes your life forever.

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2. ♡Chapter 1 ~ Headache & Concert Surprises


Hi guys, so this is my first paranormal fanfic, hope you like it.











Monique's POV:







I woke up with a small headache, like always 'Ugh I'm sick and tired of them ' I thought.



I lazily pull off my cover and got out of my comfy bed. I made my way to my bathroom, that was in my bedroom. I turn on the shower, checking every time if the water was just right. When it was, I undress myself from my PJ's and got in. The warm water relaxed every part of my body. I wash my hair with strawberry shampoo my favorite. I finish that, turn off the shower and got out, put a towel around my body. I brush my teeth and walk out of the bedroom.



I went to my walk-in closet and got out my outfit for the day, that was some skinny jeans, a jumper and some boots, perfect outfit for a cold day like most days here on London.



Oh I forgot to tell you, my name is Monique, I'm 18, I live in London and I go to college with my four best friends Tori (short for Victoria), Jessie (short for Jessica), Kelly and Kali ( pronounced like Kay-lee). We are best friends since well I don't know since babies. Yeah and we love One Direction, they are just perfect. My favorite is Harry, Tori's is Zayn, Jessie's is Liam, Kelly's is Niall and Kali is Louis. Ok I think I said to much about myself.



So I dress myself and when to the bathroom again to do my makeup. I don't wear much just mascara and lipgloss. When I'm done, I go downstairs to find my stepdad reading the newspaper, my mom cooking and my brother umm I don't know where he is.



"I'm here" my brother Jeremiah says running down the stairs almost making me fault.



"Hey, watch it!"



"Oops, sorry" He laughs and runs to the dinner table, where my stepdad 'his dad' is reading the newspaper.



I walk to the kitchen where my mom is cooking.



"Hi mom" I said kissing her cheek.



"Good morning sweetie, slept well?" she said not taking her eyes of the food she's preparing.



"Yeah, mom" I lied, I really didn't slept well, I keep having this weird dream/nightmare that my mom, stepdad not even my brother knows only my best friends.



"Ok, well are you exited for the concert tonight?"



"Of course I am mom, Hello is One Direction!"



"I know" she said rolling her eyes putting the food on four plates.



"Go and take the plates to the table."



"Ok" I said taking two plates at the time.



I put them on the table and sit next to my brother that was texting someone.



I rolled my eyes and start eating.




~that afternoon~




I was on my room, on my laptop finish my essay for Humanity Studies, when I heard the door bell go off. I went downstairs and open the door just to see my four friends running to me, hugging me tight.



"Girls, c-cant b-breathe."



"Sorry" they said on unison.



"Is ok" I said catching my breath.



"C'mon we have to get ready, to meet our future husbands. " Kelly said taking my hand and pulling me to my room.



"ok ok Kelly relax!"



"How could I relax if I'm going to meet my little snowflake? " Kelly said.



"I don't know, just do it!" I said sitting on my bed.



"Ok, Who first? "



"Me!" they all said in unison again.



"Oh God!" I said throwing myself on the bed.





~at the concert~





We arrived at the concert, it was pack, thank God we have backstage passes and front row seats, tonight is going to be a blast.



We sat on our seats, waiting for the boys to come out.



"How much longer?" Kali said.



"Any second Kali, You'll see your Boobear " Jessie said.



And in that moment the boys came out, they all waved at fans.



"Ready to have some fun" Harry said winking at me. Oh God I can see this night is going to be amazing.




~after the show, at backstage ~




"OMG THEY WERE AMAZING" Tori said well maybe yelled.



"I know now we are going to meet them" Kali said.



"I'm going to meet Niall, oh my someone hold me." guess Who said that? yep Kelly, she with her snowflake. I laughed just by thinking that.



We got in backstage, when we open the door, we saw that we were the only ones besides the boys.



Oh this just got better.




~leaving the concert~






"I can't believe that Niall asked for by number, MY NUMBER " Kelly said.



"Same with m.." I said when I realize I left my phone on the coffee table of the lounge.



"Guys! "



"Yeah?" they said in unison.



"I think I left my phone on the coffee table."



"Are you kidding me? " Tori said.



"I'm serious."



"Ugh Fine let's go back and look for it" Tori said and we all nodded.



We walk back to where I think I left it, when we heard a scream.



"What was that?" Jessie said.



"I don't know but I think it came from here" Kali said walking up to a door.



We all followed her, then she open the door to see, so we all did the same but just a little so we don't get in trouble.



We all saw it. A girl on the floor, laying dead on the floor, blood everywhere and One Direction infront of her with blood all over them.



"Oh my God " we all said maybe a little bit to loud because Liam's head turn back to the door where we are but we quickly shut the door.



"Oh boys, we have visitors" Liam said.



CLIFFHANGER DAN DAN DAAAN hehe hope you like it




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