I'll Be Gone

Humanity is coming to an end, it's our job to stop that from happening. I'm Erin, I live in the run down,ruins of Grimmswell, but I want to escape but beyond these walls its nothing but chaos. What would I find? Who will I find? and what stories will we share....?


1. Shaken Up

October 17th, 2001

I ran and ran. My little feet patting against the pavement as I ran home from the bus stop.

"Mommy! Mommy!" I call with a wide smile lighting up on my face.

"Hey baby girl" My dad greets me lifting me up into the air.

"Where's Mommy?"

"She's still at work" My dad replies kissing my cheek and putting me back down on the ground. Just then the ground started rumbling like crazy. The ground wouldn't stop shaking. Just then my dad ran into my little brothers room, picking him up and then taking my hand and we all got out of the house, heading to the streets. I saw my best friend Lily clinging to her sister, Jada. In that moment houses started collapsing. I let out a scream and clung to my dad. I hear Riley's cries. He was just a baby, 6 months to be exact.

"Daddy! what's going on!?!" I scream as more houses start collapsing.

"Come on!" he yells running forward. I'm frozen, I just couldn't move, I was scared and confused and didn't know what to do.

"Erin Charlotte Jamenson!" he yells, I snap out of everything and run in his direction.


That was the last thing I saw of my home town of Hollows Vill. Now its 2013, and I live in Grimmswell. I'm 18 and now all I want to do is get the hell out of here. See the world I had left in 2001. I need to get past these walls and out into the real world. Soon I know I'll be gone...

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