It Starts at Seat Number 56

Yes! I've been waitng for months to see Ellen Degeneres live and here I am in seat number 56! About 30 minutes in Ellen said there was a serprise. "Whoever is in seat number 56 would you please stand up and come up here."
Holy crap thats me. So I stood up and walked towrdes the blonde hired woman. I wonder what my surprise is...


9. Sorry, I Shouldn't Have Done That

Irina’s P.O.V.

I hate shrimp! I mean I have nothing against Meredith’s cooking but I just hate seafood! It is one of the worst things on the planet… well food wise.

“Meredith I think I’m just going to make some Kraft Mac n’ Cheese”

“Oh, okay so you don’t want the homemade macaroni I made you from your dad’s recipe?” She said with a smirk dancing on her lips because she knows how happy she just made me.

“Did you make it with the potato chips baked on top?” I said in a hushed tone so all the boys wouldn’t go flying for it.

“Yes with the potato chips.” She laughed.


“What just happened?” A question was thrown into the air with the tone of an Irish accent.

“Nothing… Nothing at all…” I lied with wide hazel eyes and my lips pressed in a thin line.

I slowly backed into the red and white kitchen. Sitting on the white counter was a huge pan of my dad’s famous macaroni! Oh how I’ve missed this stuff!

I walked over to the cabinet and pulled out a black plate, opened the drawer to get a for and a serving spoon. I sank the big silver spoon into the cheesy deliciousness until I heard a clank meaning it had hit the bottom of the heavy glass pan. I plopped a huge serving on my plate knowing that this is going to taste amazing!

“What ya’ got there?” An Irish voice snag through my ears but scaring me half to death causing me to nearly drop my macaroni on the floor.

“Nothing.” I turned around only to be faced with messy blonde hair and amazing blue eyes.

“Really? Because it looks like you have something yummy there.”

“That may be so.”

“Do you feel like sharing?”

“I really don’t.” I giggled.

“Bu-But you have a huge pan just sitting there.” He pulled an innocent face.

“But this is the love of my life! I haven’t had it in a very long time.” I said mocking his innocent face.

“Just a bite? It looks really good?” His innocent face turned to the puppy dog eyes, damn it! Okay be strong Irina! No matter how adorable he looks.

“It is good, see.” I said getting a large bite on my fork and putting it close to Niall’s lips but I quickly turned the fork around and slipped it between my own lips creating a huge smile on my face, while making Niall’s drop.

“That was just uncalled for!” Niall said still stunned.

“Okay fine, you can have a small plate of it.” I gave in.

“Yay, thank you!” He cheered and kissed me on the cheek. I froze for just a second savoring the sparks the just shot through my body.

“Uhh, here.” I handed him the plate with the cheese covered noodles and a shiny fork.

“thanks, do you have any ketchup?” He asked.

“Ew, why do you need ketchup?” I scrunched up my nose as though I had just smelt something fowl.

“I always eat macaroni with ketchup. You don’t?”

“Gross! No! You can’t do that to this macaroni!” I tried to keep a straight face but the corners of my mouth were forcing to drag my lips upward forming a slight smile.

“Watch me.” He said pulling out the ketchup he had found in the fridge.

“Niall put down the ketchup and no one gets hurt.”

“Like you can hurt me, I mean look at these guns!” He pulled up the arms of his t-shirt revealing his pale skin. He flexed as hard as he could and I do have to admit they looked quite nice.

He tipped the plastic bottle half filled with the thick red liquid over his plate.

“NO!” I yelled and jumped on his back, which caught him off guard because I made both of us fall and land on the black laminate tiled floor.

“Ow!” I said as a much larger blonde boy landed on top of me.

“So I see that you’re very serious about your macaroni.” He chuckled with his perfect lips just centimeters away from mine.

“Hey are you guys oka- Well how many times do I have to be the human cock-block in one day?!” Meredith stormed in at first with her face looking alarmed but then turned up into a sly smirk.

“Pffft, this is not what it looks like at all.” Niall said nervously.

“So it’s not that you tried to put ketchup on your macaroni and Irina tried to stop you by jumping on you, then you guys falling on the floor, then with me walking in with you guys almost kissing?” Meredith stood there with her arms folded over her chest still with that smirk still on her lips.

“What makes you think that, that happened?” Niall asked.

Meredith just stood there, unfolded her arm and pointed to her right showing how she saw all of this unfold bring our attention to the kitchen window the connected to the dining room with the shutters not all the way closed.

“Oops…” I said now standing on my feet rocking back and forth on my heels and toes with my arms behind my back.

“Well, I’ll let you guys too it.” Meredith left giving us a wink.

“Uhh I got some ketchup on my shirt do you think you can help me get it out?” Niall asked.

“Yeah sure, here follow me.”

Niall’s P.O.V.

Irina took my hand and dragged me down a hall way and around a few corners and into a room with a toilet otherwise knows as the bathroom.

“Come here.” She motioned me to the sink.

“Give me your shirt.” She bluntly said holding her hand out.

“Uhhh what?”

“I’m going to need you to take off your shirt in order to remove the stain.”

“Uhhh okay…” I took off my whit v-neck and gave it to the bubble brown haired girl.

Irina’s P.O.V.

HOLY SHIT, abs… Niall Horan’s abs…

Niall’s P.O.V.

Why is she staring at me like that?

“Uhh Irina? Are you going to remove the stain?” I waved my hand in front of her face.

“What? Oh, yeah.” she blushed.

She took a bleach pen from a drawer in the vanity. She dragged the pen all round the stain making it disappear. She proceeded to turn on the sink and rinsed off the spot, she then took a hair dryer and dried it off.

“Here you go. Good as new.” She smiled.

“Thanks! That was very, inventive.” I chuckled and slipped my shirt over my head and shoulders.

Irina’s P.O.V.

Damn it he just had to put it back on? Well he’s still really cute.

Uhhh what is her doing?

Why is he coming closer to me?

“uhh what are y-” I was interrupted by his soft lips crashing into mine. Spark, no, fireworks flied through my body.

“Sorry I shouldn’t have don’t that.” Niall said with wide eyes while looking at his feet.

“wait why?”

“Well a beautiful girl like you must have a boyfriend.”


“well I think I may just have to change that.” He smiled.

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