How Trixie Became So Evil

So this is an epilogue to my Trixie and Sunset Shimmer story on how Trixie makes Sunset evil. And I know, I know, Sunset became evil due to greed or something, as quoted in Equestria Girls, but these are just ideas.


1. Fillyhood

When Trixie was about 4 to 6 years old, she was a normal filly, who enjoyed games, friends, sweets, just like any filly would. She lived a happy life, with two unicorn parents. One of them was a navy blue stallion name Blue Note. He was a jazz singer and enjoyed good music. Trixie's mother was a cyan unicorn with a periwinkle mane, went by the name of Shimmer Shine. She loved magic, and always did magic shows for others. But when Trixie received her cutie mark, she always was focused on spells, and she looked up to her mother very much. One day, Shimmer Shine took her daughter with her to one of the shows. Everyone payed attention to the cute little unicorn filly, and just watched her tricks in awe.


At first her mother was proud. But everyone was paying attention to Trixie! Shimmer Shine went from being a proud mother to an envious mother. Her father, on the other hoof, didnt quite see what was wrong. Shimmer protested that nothing more should be changed about the show. However Blue Note insisted that the change the mane of the act! Shimmer grew madder and madder. Trixie was still young, at about the age of 5, was unaware that was happening. Blue Note eventually changed the name from "The Shimmer Show" to "Trixie's Tricks" and this single event caused Shines envy to reach its peak. And one day at a show, right in front of Blue Note and the crowd, Shimmer let loose all her anger. She screamed, yelled, and cried. She eventually turned to Trixie and screamed "IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE?! IS THIS WHAT YOURE PROUD OF?!? LOOK AT WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO ME!!!" Trixie's ears went down in fear and Shimmer just turned around, pulled in her hind legs and kicked Trixie right into the crowd.


Everypony's eyes were wide and it was dead silent. Little Trixie just absorbed the whole event, as it played a small part in her evil and greedy mindset. The only thing that broke the silence was Trixie sobbing into her hooves. There were two large hoof mark bruises on her side, one on her ribs, the other bam smack on her cutie mark. Blue Note gasped and ran over to Trixie, picked her up, and began to argue and yell at at Shimmer. Blue Note eventually stormed home, Trixie held close to him. Weeks went by, and the she constantly listened to to the two yell and fight. She thought that this was correct behavior. On Trixie's 13th birthday, Blue Note decided to end all of this. And as Trixie blew out her candles on her cake, she made one wish. She wished for it to end. No more arguing, no more yelling. "And no more Shimmer." Her father said, as if he could read her thoughts, and stabbed Shimmer Shine in the chest.


Trixie looked over and saw her father holding a bloody knife with his magic. She broke down into sobs and her father hugged her and Trixie's sobs soon changed into crazed laughter. As Trixie aged, she learned the art of boasting and lying. She learned that so her tracks could be covered, for her and her father committed shoplifts, robberies, and even a few murders. But one day, greed got the best of her, and she levitated the knife and killed Blue Note. He let out a final scream and collapsed, cold and dead. 15 minutes later, police sirens roared through the air and she ran. Ever since then, she lived behind lies and deceit, and brought others down with her.


sooooo there ya go guys! im gonna post the next part later.

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