jake and derek are stragers in the same collage and dont know eachother but until they meet do u think its gonna be love at first site?......


1. How They Met (Dereks Pov)

 It was my first day and year of collage, I don't know what to do or who im gonna have as my room mate i walked up to the front desk and ask were my dorm was at and she told me room 29, I walked up the stairs to room 29 and some guy was already in there i shyly walked in and said "hi" he answered very hyper "hello my name is Jake nice to meet you"I was in shock for a bit because i noticed he was extremely hot to me he had blue eyes brown flippy hair and tall,  but then i snapped out of it and answered back "hey i'm Derek nice to meet you this your dorm too?" he answered like he was in a rush "yes im just trying to unpack and get stuff organized for tomorrow" I said " oh cool need any help? and what is tomorrow?" Derek said "You didnt hear? tomorrow is a party to kick off the first day!" Jake said excitedly. Derek walked across the room to unpack his stuff and noticed Jake had a Pink bed set on his bed and Derek smiled to him self. Jake saw him and said "Do you like my bed set he giggled" and Derek nodded yes Jake just giggle.

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