When in Rome

Maddie and Shauri were best friends since as long as they can remember. Now they are both 18 and staight A students in high school. One day they both get accepted to nyms ( new york music school) for collage becuase they both play lots of instuments. but one day when they get called to play new york music hall, the conductor says that on direction will be in the audience today. Maddie ans Shauri screamed and flipped out, but not because they love them, because they hate them.... - shauri and maddie <3


7. Yes

Shauri POV:

"yes, yes i will be yours." i said. my heart was beating twice as fast as it was when he got here, which was already really  fast. "oh thank goodness! i thought you would say no!" he said " i would never." i smirked while he gentile kissed me i smiled in between the kiss " i would never say no, because I've liked you since the 5th grade." i shyly said "same here" we continued the most passionate, deep kiss I've ever had 'DING DONG' goes the doorbell "that's probably my ride babe."


Lances POV:

honestly, that's the best move I've ever made in my life so far, i wasn't planning on it either, but after talking to her, i realized how much i missed her in the end. 'DING DONG' of course. i swear if that's Miguel im gonna break down ad cry because i never want to leave this girl. we stared walking to the door and a man with black hair and a quiff with 20 roses with one daisy and a card attached to it, stood there."excuse me for a moment" Shauri said as she stepped outside, the man looked familliar, but i couldnt tell who he was. 

Zayns POV:

"hi zayn" she said, sending shivers down my back as she spoke " hi i-i bought these for you."  i handed her the roses. Honhonestly was a bit nervous. "um... thanks" she said, akwardly taking the flowers. " i started to wonder who the boy inside with the blonde hair like nialls and brown eyes like liam's "who was the boy inside?" shit. i cant keep my mouth shut can i? "oh his name is lance and.... and i tell you later. ill see you tomorrow." "but.. um" "bye Zayn." she turned around and walked inside. aaannnddd now im dissapointed. 


Shauri's POV:

im kinda sad that i turned my back on Zayn but im with Lance now and i love him, more than anything. but  a part of me wishes i didn't turn my back on him. no! what am i saying!. "so who was that?" Lance said  "it was zayn"  i looked at my feet. "oh" "ive got to get going, Miguel just texted me and saud he was out front."he said  "bye babe" he kissed me, for the third time today, sparks were flying everywhere "bye" he said as he broke the kiss and walked out the door. I went to the flowers and picked up the card on them and it said 'and if you dont like me; as i do you, i understand. because who would choose a daisy in a field of roses?' did he just call himself a daisy?



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