Love At First Sight

I wrote this stroy for a school essay. It's about a girl who trust another girl and found out it was the worst mistake.


1. Chapter 1

School has just now begun and everyone was rushing to get to their classes. The straight path hallway was filled with a bunch of teens. Amy was there walking carefully. She had remembered what happened to her the last time she didn’t. As soon as she walked up to her locker, everyone in the hallway stared at her. She turned around just to see a whole crowd of eyes staring dead at her. Her face turned a bright red as she hid her face in one of the books she was carrying. About five guys walked up to her and asked her out. She began to get more and more nervous. She quickly slammed her locker shut and ran off to her class. Amy sat in her seat and looked at the teacher, her blue eyes shined as she stared. She leaned back in her chair and waited till class started. A girl from behind complained about her strain of her long golden hair being on her desk. She turned around and blinked twice. Her long eyelashes caught the girl’s eyes as she apologized for disturbing her. Just as the bell was going to ring for class to end, a new student walked in. The teacher told him to have a seat next to Amy. When Amy heard her name she slowly poked her head out of the book she was reading. When she saw the guy, her face turned the color of a nice fresh apple. The guy looked at her and asked, “Hey, Pinkie, are you okay?” His words were so sweet she thought. She lost herself in him and accidently slipped and fell. The guy helped her up and asked the same question. Amy said, in a soft sweet tone, “I-I think…I am.” The guy smiled and held her there until her face turned back to normal. “My name is Nick, and yours would be?” Amy looked into his dark chocolate eyes and said the same thing as him. She quickly snapped out of it and said, “My name is Amy. Why did you call me Pinkie?” Nick explained to her why he called her that. It was based on her dark pink dress with a bow on it. Amy smiled. She knew that she wanted Nick to be with her, but how? She wondered these thoughts in her head as she walked out of class. When she got home she looked in the mirror and spoke to herself. “If I’m going to win Nick’s heart, I have to stop being shy. I don’t want him thinking that I can’t even help my own self. But him giving me a nickname already has to mean something right?” She laughed at herself. She didn’t think she could possibly win him over. She combed her hair and smiled. She felt beautiful and happy every time she did that. She worked on her homework a bit until she got distracted. She couldn’t stop thinking about Nick. Amy got up from her bed and went to the park. She went to a spot where no one really goes. She sat in the shade of a tree and dazed off. She pictured herself with Nick, her sitting there and him coming and putting his arms around her. She opened her eyes and saw Nick. She let out a loud gasp. “Nick! Wh-what are you doing here!” She shouted, her face turning red again. Nick held her hands. “I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. I kind of followed the scent of your perfume. I wanted to ask you something. Do you want to be my girlfriend?” Nick asked. Amy giggled and nodded her head. She had waited the whole day for this to happen. They both exchanged numbers when they had to leave. When Nick kissed Amy on the cheek, a devilish teen was standing in the background with her friend right beside her. The two girls stared at the happy couple as they walked home. “Scarlet…we have some separating to do,” Violent said as the wind blew her straight black hair. The two girls left and marked a spot where the two couples were. So if they wanted to plan anything there, they would know where to go. The next day of school came. Violent walked up to Amy’s locker. She said, “Let’s be friends okay. Write this down, 832-245-5561. Call me.” Amy had no idea what just happened, but she still wrote the number down. When she closed her locker, Nick was standing on the other side smiling. “Made a new friend?” Nick asked. Amy shrugged her shoulders. “I guess I did. But I’m too shy to talk to her. She seems really popular and a type of a person to speak out. We are the opposite,” Amy complained. Nick kissed her cheek, “You are popular, but don’t worry about her. Okay?” Amy smiled and hugged Nick tightly. After which, they both went to class. At lunch when Amy and Nick were sitting together at a table, Violet and Scarlet appeared from a crowd of student. Violet had asked Nick if she could borrow Amy for a while. Nick didn’t mind if Violet borrowed Amy. Scarlet and Violet took one of Amy’s arms and pulled her away. “Tell me this: what scares you the most, what is your biggest secret, and what annoys you the most,” Violet asked, staring right into Amy’s eyes. Amy, being really dumb, told her. “My biggest fears are the pitch blackness of the dark. My secret is that I like to act like one of those princesses on TV. And what annoys me the most is when other people constantly touch my hair, it’s really annoying.” Violet smiled as Scarlet took notes like she was a detective questioning people for answers. “Well, that’s all. You can go back and have lunch with Nick,” Violet said peering over to Nick. The happy couple smiled as the two devilish girls walked out the lunch room. They started to plan out what they were going to do. Once they figured out their plan, they got to work. Morning came, and everyone was roaming around the school waiting for class to start. Amy and Nick were holding hands as they entered the building. Scarlet came and took Amy’s hand and ran. Nick tried to catch up, but Violet grabbed his arms to stop him. Violet put Nick’s hand on her cheek. It felt as if he were touching a cloud. “Um, did you want to talk to me?” Nick asked weirdly. At first Nick thought Violet would be an annoying girl, but he found her to be a very interesting person. When Violet left, Scarlet came back with Amy. Scarlet waved bye and left to go to Violet. “Now, only one thing left to do.” Violet said, smirking. “Yeah, get Nick to hate Amy. This should be fun and interesting to watch.” Scarlet said as she flipped her deep red hair. More and more each day, Nick would leave Amy to go and talk with Violet. Amy got sick of this and wanted to end it. She was more determined than ever to get rid of violet. When Violet was along Amy walked up to her. She didn’t seem to be that sweet, clumsy shy girl anymore. She had her hair tied back and was ready to start a fight. “I don’t know what you want, but stay away from Nick. He’s mine, not yours. So you should stop making flirty faces with him. I want you gone and out of here. I’m sick of you making Nick miss all our dates because of you. I hate you so much!” Just as she was about to throw a fist, Nick finally got through the crowd of people. “Amy? What has gotten into you? You are not acting like yourself. You’re acting like one of those girls who I can’t stand. I think we should break up. I’m not into bad girls,” Nick said as he took off running. Violet giggled and followed after him. Violet finally caught up with Nick. She asked him if he was okay. He shook his head, Violet than made her move. “Look Nick, Amy just wasn’t the right girl for you. You deserve someone better,” Violet began, “Someone who is always there for you and would never betray you. Some—” Nick had interrupted her and asked her out. The look on Violet’s face answered his question. When they walked off you could see Amy in the background, crying her heart out. The guy she was once with now hated her. She ran home, still crying. She couldn’t believe she had ever dared to do something such as throwing a fist at someone. She cried until morning Amy was too upset to go to school. She sat in her room blowing her nose and wiping her eyes. Meanwhile, Violet and Scarlet were talking about their plan. “I really didn’t think that your plan could fail. You are like a clever sly fox that always get what they want,” Scarlet stated. Violet wasn’t surprised either, all her other plans in the past worked out all according to plan. As they talked, they didn’t realize a girl standing behind a locker listening and recording everything they said. The girl quickly made her way away from them and ran to Nick. She explained to Nick every little detail that she heard. At first, Nick just thought she was trying to help Amy, bur the girl had shown Nick the video. Nick felt played and guilty. He walked to Violet and showed her the video. Nick was furious. He stormed away from her and left the video playing. Afterschool Amy was at the park at her favorite spot. Nick was lucky to have found her there. He apologized for being a jerk to her. At first, Amy was angry at him for treating her like that, but then Nick gave her a present. It was an expensive necklace that had her name on it. The happy couple stayed together for the rest of their happy life.
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