Dark Side

Riley Anne Smith is in her junior year of high school. Her parents are divorced, her mom a emotional mess that becomes a workaholic to mask her feelings. A dad that's getting remarried. An alcoholic brother and a insecure sister. The only normal one seems to be her younger sister who's only 4. On the outside Riley seems normal but on the inside she's having a battle with herself. When she's alone it's not very pretty. Riley's bullied. She feels as if she doesn't fit in. She has friends but she can't trust them. She has trust issues, she feels everyone's against her, she wants to tell someone. But she tells no one. When a certain Yorkshire lad from a famous boy band stumbles into her life will she let someone in on her dark side? Or will she crumble to pieces holding in her secrets.


3. Chapter 3

Harry laid on his bed alone. He was all alone. It was lonely and he needed someone to fill his emptiness. Lift his mood. He already hung out with Louis and he's probably arguing with Eleanor. Liam is with his new girlfriend, he haven't met her but Liam admits she's great. Like no one's he's ever met before. Zayn is probably sleeping or smoking. Niall was... What would the cheeky Irish lad be doing right now? He turned down the TV as he dialed the blonde's number. "Harry!" He yelled through the phone. Even on the phone you could tell the lad was smiling. "Hey Ni, what are you doing right now?" Harry asks. "Playing COD with Zayn. Come over!" He cheers. Harry can't help but smile at him. "Why not?! I'll see you in a few minutes." Harry chuckled. "Yay!" Niall screamed, hanging up. The Cheshire lad threw on a grey sweatshirt and a pair of black skinny jeans with his white high-tops. He ran out of his house and into his car and driving to the blonde's house. Justin Bieber's Heartbreaker echoed through the quiet car. "I got a secret place that we could go. Cause I really wanna be alone." Harry sang along. He wasn't the biggest Belieber but he enjoyed the Canadian's music. He was an amazing singer and an amazing guy. He understands why he's got so many fans. Harry parked the car in the driveway, shutting the car off. He hopped out and locked his car and he wasn't even at the porch when the blonde came bouncing down the steps and threw himself at Harry. He stumbled but managed to keep his balance and hold the blonde on his waist. "Hey Ni. Miss me?" Harry smirks wobbling to the porch. The full grown boy around him, made it difficult to walk. "Yes, very much Harry. Why'd you leave me." He whines, burying his face in Harry's neck. Harry laughed as he pushed open the door finding Zayn on the couch in the living room, a game controller in his hand an unlit cigarette between his lips. Harry frowned at the sight of the cancer stick. "Hey man." Zayn saluted, the cigarette wiggling between his lips. Harry took in a sharp intake of air. He hated when he saw those things around. Zayn was killing himself slowly. But did Zayn care? No. "Smoking isn't coolstagram." Harry manages to say seriously, a straight face. Niall erupted with laughter. Zayn just chuckled. "I'm going out for a smoke. You want one?" Zayn joked. "Why not?!" Niall cheered, climbing off Harry. The two boys stood surprised and shocked at the blonde's answer. "Niall did you have one too many beers?" Zayn questioned. Being in Australia, Niall likes to take advantage of the drinking opportunity. "Nah man. I'm sober." Niall's voice suddenly had a slur to it. Or maybe it was always there and they never paid attention to it. "Forget it Niall." Harry's voice was strong. "Forget you Harry. Pass me a cigarette." Niall orders. Zayn rolls his eyes and hands him the cancer stick. Niall puts it between his lips. Zayn and the blonde exit the house. Harry follows and stays at the door as he watches Zayn light the younger lads cigarette. Of coarse he begins choking. He throws it on the ground and stomps on it. "Never again." He coughs. He walks back inside. Zayn laughs along with Harry. At least Harry was assured Niall wouldn't try that again. "Have a nice smoke Zayn."      

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