Dark Side

Riley Anne Smith is in her junior year of high school. Her parents are divorced, her mom a emotional mess that becomes a workaholic to mask her feelings. A dad that's getting remarried. An alcoholic brother and a insecure sister. The only normal one seems to be her younger sister who's only 4. On the outside Riley seems normal but on the inside she's having a battle with herself. When she's alone it's not very pretty. Riley's bullied. She feels as if she doesn't fit in. She has friends but she can't trust them. She has trust issues, she feels everyone's against her, she wants to tell someone. But she tells no one. When a certain Yorkshire lad from a famous boy band stumbles into her life will she let someone in on her dark side? Or will she crumble to pieces holding in her secrets.


11. Chapter 11

Louis' POV

"Are you sure you wanna walk us to our stop?" Lottie sighs, walking in front of El and I with Fizzy. "Yes!" I chuckle. They groan and speed up their pace as the stop comes into plain sight. Packed with kids who didn't look like they gave a fuck about what was going on. There I spied Riley looking absolutely adorable in black and a snapback. Stop Louis! You're with Eleanor now! I squeezed Eleanor's hand. She smiles at me. I smile back as we reach the stop. I truly was right, no one gave a fuck that I, Louis William Tomlinson from One Direction was standing there. I looked over at Riley, she turned her head and waved when she saw me. I waved back, smiling. "Baby, who are you waving at?" I jumped, I forgot she was there. "Come on, I want you to meet someone." I lead her over to Riley and another girl which I'm guessing was her sister cause the girl looked like Riley's brother. "Hey Riley." I smiled, she smiled back. "Hey LouBear." "Sorry to cut in, I'm Eleanor, Louis' wonderful and longtime girlfriend." She looked Riley up and down, an unimpressed look on her face. This is what I hated about Eleanor. She got jealous easily. "Uh, Riley. I live across from Louis." She bits her lip nervously. Why El did you have to make everything so awkward. "Alright, I'm Leah, Riley's older sister." The other girl smiled, pulling a strand of her brown hair behind her ear. "Your sisters are going here too Louis?" She asked. "Uh yeah, their old school was too far." I explain, she nods. I'm a bit sad that she abandoned my nickname. I liked it. I like her. But I love Eleanor. It's complicated. "We're picking them up after school." Eleanor makes sure she exaggerates the 'we' part. "Great." Riley stretched it out so adorably, I wanted to grab her face and kiss her right there. But I can't do that. The bus comes. "Well, we better get going." Leah waves. Riley was about to leave when I grabbed her hand, letting El's hand go and dragging her off to the side. "Keep an eye on the girls for me please? They're a bit nervous and I don't want their fist day to end badly." I beg. She smiles. "Coarse LouBear." She winked and walked away, her hand leaving mine to drop dead at my side. This whole I like and I love thing will be really hard. I need to talk to Liam he knows what to do.

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