Little Horan

Niall and Caitlyn are going to have a child but what will happen with lots of bumps in the road ?


36. You've Got To Be Kidding

Caitlyn's POV.

"He-He h-hurt m-m-me..." Jess said through her sobs.

Niall put his arm around her. 

"What?" I said shocked. 

I couldn't believe Harry actually hurt her. They were like the perfect couple. 

"Jess, what did he do?" Niall said.

She calmed for a minute to tell Niall.

"I was laying in bed almost alseep when he stormed into the bedroom. I didn't know what was wrong. I asked him and he said nothing. I told him that he could tell me. He then said that he was so stupid to ever love me because of my family. He told me that he made the worst mistake in his life by getting me pregnant. I didn't know what snapped inside him to say that. I stood up and told him to calm down but when I stood up he.. He hit me. I just stood there in shock. He then realized what he had just done when he seen my facial expression. He then raised his hand to caress my face and I flinched. He stood in shock. I took the opportunity to run and come here."

"He hit you?!?! You've got to be kidding?"

"I'll show you."

She moved her head for me to see the bruise and hand print. I seen it and my jaw dropped. 

"Oh my god. He did that?"

"Yeah I'm still scared to even see him."

"When did this happen?"

"Last night."


*hey guys I updated it like i was asked. I will update again today. :)*

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