Little Horan

Niall and Caitlyn are going to have a child but what will happen with lots of bumps in the road ?


24. What the Hell Niall!

Caitlyn's POV

I woke up the next morning and seen Niall still sleeping. I leaned over to kiss him and when my lips met his, i tasted alcohol. I pulled away and looked at him in disappointment. He woke up a few minutes later. 

"Morning babe." he said tiredly 


"What's the matter?" he asked concerned.

"Nothing just wondering why your lips taste like alcohol?"


"NIALL JAMES HORAN!!!! you went out last night didn't you!"

"Yeah so what!"

"So what? you are unbelievable! You told me you would stop drinking!"

"Yeah and your point is?" 

"If you drink when the baby comes around we are through!"

"Ok fine."

I walked out of our bedroom.  I decided to watch tv. I was flipping through the channels and heard "Niall Horan, soon to be dad and husband is cheating on Caitlyn Payne." I immediately watched the news. It said that Niall was caught making out with one of my friends Emma Smith. A stray tear rolled down my cheek. I turned off the tv and just sat on the couch. Not five minutes later Niall comes down the stairs. 

"Hey babe"

I didn't respond. He looked at me weird and walked over to me.

"Princess is everything alright?"

"No Niall."

"What's the problem?"

"You cheated on me with emma!"

"shit." he mumbled under his breath.

"You've never loved me!"

"I've always loved you and you know that!"he screamed back.

"Really then why did you cheat on me huh?"

"i was drunk."

"Surprise surprise."

"i-i-i'm sorry"

"don't even go there. We are so done!" 

I took the ring off of my finger and threw it at his chest. He had tears streaming down his face. I ran upstairs to get all of my stuff. I started to cry while i was packing. When i was done i went out the door to my car and drove to my sister's flat. I knocked on the door and Harry answered. 

" Hi Caitlyn. What's the matter?"

"N-Niall cheated o-o-on me." 

"I'm sorry to hear that. Jess is upstairs taking a shower but she will be right down in a few minutes okay?" 

"that's fine. Would you guys mind if i stayed here for a while?"

"It's fine don't worry about it. Stay as long as you need to."

"Thanks Harry." 

"no problem Cate."

After a few minutes Jess came downstairs. 

"Hey Caitlyn what's up?" 

Harry came up to her and whispered what happened. She turned to him and said okay. 

"Cate why don't we go up to my room and talk?"

"sounds good jess."

*Hi guys i'm back so here you all go!!*



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