Little Horan

Niall and Caitlyn are going to have a child but what will happen with lots of bumps in the road ?


43. Oh My God. Someone Call an Ambulance!

Jessica's POV.

"Well here goes nothing." I said to myself. 

We were all lined up like how we all rehearsed. Jessica was behind Liz and before me was Lux and Theo. It was time for me to walk down the aisle with Liam by my side. I'm happy Liam is giving me away to Harry but I wish it was actually my father. We walked all the way to Harry when Liam turned to me and kissed my cheek. 

"Whom gives away Jessica Payne to Harold Styles?" The priest asked.

"I do." Liam replied.

After a while it was time for our vows.

"My love. I  made a promise to you on the first day that we met. That I will cherish our moments together, protect you from the sprits of evil, and love you with my everything. Without you I am not whole. Before we met, I thought I had everything I needed. When I met you that changed. You complete me. You are the sun to my earth. I need you and will always need you.  My world is now priceless. You are my world, the air I breathe and the beating of my heart. So, with this ring I'd be wed." Harry said.

I started to tear up and let a few tears loose. Harry looked up at me and wiped them away and smiled at me. I smiled back and started my vows.

"Harry. I made a promise to you on the day we met. I will love you and only you, If you made a mistake I gave you a second chance, and to protect you from evil. I will uphold that promise till death do us apart. I love you too much to let anything happen to you. I care about you in every way possible. You say you love me, no I love you more. You say you need me, no I need you more. I adore you and only you. With this ring I'd be w-*gun shot*

"well well if it isn't the lucky bride." Connor said.

*Connor is Jessica's ex-boyfriend and always tried to kill her.*

Everyone screams as connor holds up the gun to Jessica. He takes a shot but Caitlyn jumps in front of it. Liam jumps in front of both Caitlyn and Jessica. The bullet went through Liam's chest and went in Caitlyn's arm.

I ran down to see if my brother and sister were okay. I walked over to Caitlyn first. 

"Are y-you okay?"

"Yea I'll be fine."

Harry was at Liam's side. 

"JESSICA!"Harry screamed.

I ran towards Liam. I seen his body there bleeding out.

"Jessica p-promise me s-something." Liam said.


"Promise me that we will see one another again with my niece or n-nephew?"

"I promise Liam. Someone please call and ambulance!"

Louis callled and the ambulance were here to take Caitlyn and Liam to the hospital.  Harry and I had to finish the wedding ceromony.  We both walked up and finished up everything and went to the hospital.


*hey guys sorry I haven't updated in a while my computer broke so here ya go!*

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