Little Horan

Niall and Caitlyn are going to have a child but what will happen with lots of bumps in the road ?


6. Month 1

Today was my first doctors appointment. Niall was shaking the entire way to the hospital. The bad thing was that he was driving! "Babe calm down" " i can't Cate" " just relax it will be fine." "okay". We got to the hospital. Niall held my hand the entire appointment. "Congradulations Mr. and Mrs. Horan, you are due July 16th." "Good Niall a month after the wedding." "I know princess". We were on our way out of the hospital when my sister Jessica and her boyfriend Harry came in the hospital. "Cate what are you guys doing here?" "Um....." " Jess she's pregnant!!!!" "What? Niall you aren't serious are you?" "I'm dead serious!" "Caitlyn Marie Payne! Are you kidding me! How could you let this happen! What do you think Liam and Mom are gonna do!" "Hey at least i had good boyfriends in the past, ones that didn't tell me i was worthless or abused me like Connor!". I've only seen my sister cry once, that was when our father Geoff died. She was a daddy's girl. "Caitlyn what the hell was that for! You know she is fucking sensitive!" Harry yelled. " well its true!". Niall came over to me and grabbed my arm tightly and took me back to the car. Before we left, I seen Harry go to Jess and hold her. The whole ride home was silent. When Niall and I got home, I could tell Niall was pissed.



*hey guys hope you enjoy this chapter!!!! Love you all! :)*

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