Little Horan

Niall and Caitlyn are going to have a child but what will happen with lots of bumps in the road ?


18. Forgiven

Caitlyn's POV


"I forgive you Niall"


"Yes niall. I love you so much"

"Thank you! thank you!!! I love you too"

He pulled me into his arms and held me tight. He pulled away and kissed me with a lot of passion. We pulled away and Niall picked me up bridal style and carried me back to the car. We drove home and texted my sister telling her that Niall and I are back together. She texted back excited and happy. We drove up the drive and got out of the car. Niall came over to me and picked me up bridal style and carried me into the house. We walked in the house and went straight to the bedroom. He laid me down on the bed and covered me up in the blanket. He tucked me in like a little kid. 

"Niall what are you doing?"

"You're my baby. I will make you dinner tonight, so stay in bed love."

"Okay Ni."

He left the room and went downstairs to make dinner. While he was making dinner, I started to watch tv. I was watching tv when Niall came up with my dinner. 

"Thank you babe" 

"You're welcome my princess."

"I love you Ni"

"I love you too and i'm sorry honey."

"It's okay babe."

"are you sure."

"yes Niall I completely forgive you. I missed you so much"

"I missed you too"

I finished my dinner and Niall carried my plate downstairs for me. He came back up and laid in bed next to me. 

"I love you princess"

"I love you too"


*hay guys i thought that they should make up so here you go loves :)*

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