Little Horan

Niall and Caitlyn are going to have a child but what will happen with lots of bumps in the road ?


2. Amazing Night Terrible Morning

" To this day two years ago, I knew you were the one and only one i would ever want, so two years later i'm making a really big change in our relationship. Will you Caitlyn Marie Payne be my queen?" " Yes, a million times yes!!!". Niall slid the ring on my finger and jumped up and kissed me. After the proposal, Niall wanted to return home. Once we walked through the door he had me pinned on the wall and kissing me roughly. He grabbed my bum and told me to jump against my lips. I jumped on him and he carried me up the stairs to our bedroom. He laid me softly on the bed and backed away. He was undressing himself. Once he was done he came over to me and started to undress me. I was left in my bra and panties, he was left in his boxers. " I love you princess" " I-I love you too".  He then leaned in to kiss me. He then moved to my neck finding my sweet spot. I moaned and he just smirked and moved futher. He took off my bra and started to kiss my boobs. I moaned at his touch. " easy princess.". He then took off my panties and began to kiss my inner thighs making me want more. " N-Niall.. p-please" " paintecence my princess". He then reached my pussy and started to kiss and lick my clit. " Ohhh.. Niall!" i moaned. I bucked up my hips wanting more. " N-Niall please g-get in me n-now" " your wish is my comand princess". He started to push in. He let me adjust and then he started thrusting. " Go faster babe". I was close and i knew he was too. " I-I'm close Ni" " Me t-too princess." with a couple more thrusts i was sent into my orgasm. Not long after Niall hit his climax. After he pulled out, he pulled the blankets over the both of us. " goodnight princess" " goodnight ni". When i woke up the next morning i couldn't even move.


*ok this was akward writing but i think it's worth it. Enjoy it more to come! Jessica :)*

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