Most of the Time *Harry Styles*

"It's weird Harry." I say in his chest, as I snuggle closer to him.

"What is?" he asks.

"I feel so scared around you, yet I feel so safe." I whisper.

"Well you are safe with me. Most of the time." he says. I look up into his eyes, confused at his statement.

"Most of the time?" I ask, scared of the answer.

"Go to sleep Marlee." he says and gently pushes my head back into his chest.

"Goodnight Harry." I say.

"Goodnight Marlee." he says and we both fall asleep in each other's arms.


11. Chapter 11

Harry's POV-

Marlee walks in with mascara stained cheeks. She seems exhausted and sad. Hopefully Peter and I can cheer her up.

"Hey honey." I say and kiss her.

"Hey guys." she says and hugs Peter.

"Are you okay?" Peter asks and hugs her back.

"Uh, there's something Harry and I have to tell you." she says and sits in between us.


*After they tell Peter all about Sawyer*


"I'm sorry, Peter." I say.

"It's not your fault, Harry." he says.

After he found out what happened he began to cry. Which led to Marlee crying and I wasn't far to after.

"I just wish Marlee and I could've met him." he says and Mar and I wipe his tears.

"Do you want me to tell you both about him?" I offer. They both nod their heads.

"He loved you both. You both were his everything. He was a great brother, probably the best in the world...." I kept explaining.

"Hey, we have to show you something!" Peter says after I finish.

"What?" Marlee asks.

Peter gets up and takes both of our hands and leads us to the kitchen.

"We made you cupcakes!" he smiles. They are cupcakes that say 'We Love You Marlee' with a letter on each cupcake.

"Aww, you guys are so sweet! I love you too!" she smiles. She kisses Peter and thanks him.

"Thanks honey." she smiles.

"No problem babe. I love you." he says.

"I love you too." I say and kiss her nose.

"Stop the couply stuff and let's eat cupcakes!" Peter says and we both laugh and eat cupcakes.

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