The vampire boarding school

3 innocent vampires meet 5 bad boys vampires. What will happen? Will the evil turn good or the good turn evil? How many victims there will be? 100? 1000? Or no?


1. Chapter 1

"Gunda, come from the tree! Still you fall down!" I called up. "So what? Nothing happens to me!" "Yes, I know, but we have to hurry. Ipek wrote it really is important!" I walked through the snow. "You know Ipek. Ipek makes from each mouse an elephant." I looked at her angry. "All right, I'm coming." she jumped from the tree right in front of me. "Where shall we again?" I opened the message. "P2. These disco." "What's she doing anyway?" Gunda asked. "No idea. You know how she is. She loves parties." I looked around. It was 3 am and Ipek has dressed again and snuck out for a party. She had to create it to be discovered. Luckily she no longer goes so often at parties, since she got a warning from Ms. Fletcher half a year ago. But she was afraid to go back home alone. "If she is scared, then why she goes to parties?" Gunda jumped 20 meters forward and I follow her. "No idea. Hurry We prefer!" "The oh-so-holy Dana, who never wants to use vampire power in freedom, suddenly becomes a little rebel. You used your powers currently very often." she hit me on the arm. "Haha. Not funny! You and Ipek, too often stuck in the terminal" We ran faster than the wind to get to Ipek. When we saw she, we slowed our pace. "There you are." she give us a hug. "All right, come on now. When we get caught by Ms. Fletcher, we get in trouble." we ran back. Luckily I had left the window open, so we could go without problems in the house. "Ipek, you can get caught. " I threw myself on the bed. "Yes, I know. I just needed space." She went into the bathroom. "It's ok." Gunda and I slipped into our pjs and went to bed. Ipek came back from the bathroom. She was quiet, I did not know of her. "Ipek, what's wrong?" I sat down. "Well, there are not great news." She hung up on the ceiling and her head hung down. "We have new guys in the city. Nobody knows them." "You mean like nobody knows us?" Gunda asked. "Yes, exactly like that. But you have to know something about them." "Why?" I looked up to Ipek with worry all over my face.  "Well, one of them is Niall ..."

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