Babysitting a rich boy

How hard could it be to babysit a seventeen year old? Harder than I thought.. Bella agrees to watch her parent's friend's teen-being nineteen and needing money, she needs it. It turns out he has a very terrible reputation for being a rebel. And he doesn't want her as a babysitter.


2. Chapter 2- What's that sound?


Bella's POV:

One day and he won't talk to me. Yesterday after the tour of the house and my room Elliot went to his room and never came down. I bring the groceries I just bought into the kitchen. He is still in his room so I thought it'd be safe to leave him alone.

I suddenly become aware of a weird sound from upstairs. What's that sound? I groan recognizing it.

For those who don't get it yet- the floor is shaking from his room, and girl's and boy's moans are coming from upstairs.

I stomp up the stairs and bang on his door. I am not going in there. The sounds stop and the whispering starts. "Get your clothes on and get out." I say my voice stern.

"Shit." Elliot whispers loudly. The door burst opens revealing a slutty looking girl and Elliot, their clothes messily thrown on, hair a mess.

"Go home." I hiss at the girl. She runs down the stairs, out of the house. "And you. Don't you have more respect for yourself! You're only seventeen for fuck's sate! What would you're parents think?"

"I think that you need to mind your own business. Just cause you can't get any!" He yells back.

"I am in charge of you. And that is none of your business nor does it concern this." I shoot back.

"Fuck off." He turns into his room, slams the door and locks it. I run out to the garage, get a tool box and go up to his room.

"I'm taking off the lock on your door!" I yell. He just scoffs so I do it. Don't underestimate a girl who's dad is a mechanic, you learn how to do everything. I remember at that time his parents set up a dinner tonight for me to talk to their friend who works at an university here so I could talk to him about applying.

I can't miss this chance, it might be the only one I have. Especially just for Elliot. I'll go. Who knows maybe the guy will be hot?

They said we are going to El Rodeo, a casual Mexican restaurant. Easy to get ready for.

I hop in the shower do my thing, get out, dry my hair and everything. I do a waterfall braid, which looks good with my wavy hair, put on my makeup, and put on a bralet, high waisted jeans, a cardigan, and wedged booties.

I smile at my reflection. I can't believe it's only been two years since- no. Don't think about that. Time for the kinda dinner-date with the hopefully hot professor.



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