Will We Ever Love ? (Harry fan fic

Hey I'm Chanel I go to Western Branch High School I'm 16 and head of the popular group. First day of Senior year and a new guy comes to our school. Will he get my heart or will he throw it away ? Read to find out ;)


1. Little miss perfect

(My first book ever so take it easy)

Chanel's POV

Hey my name is Chanel Brooks. It's my first day of senior year. I look at the time it was 6:03 AM. I quickly take a shower, fix my hair into a fishtail braid and put my gray eye shadow on. I look in my closet and decided to wear a long sleeve gray shirt with some salmon colored pants with a matching scarf and some flats.

By the time I finished getting ready it was 7:05 so I made breakfast. After I did that I got my Tiffany bag and my books and walked to the bus stop.

Once I got to the bus stop I put all the stupid ass books on the ground and sat there until the bus came. The bus finally came and I sat all the way in the back with my friend Kenzie. The whole ride to school we talked about the new guy that supposed to come this year.

When I got to my locker I put all my stuff down and got my 1 and 2 bells stuff. I was about to go to homeroom when I felt someone tap on my shoulder. I quickly turned around to see who it was it was a tall guy with green eyes and had thick curly hair. He said that his name was Harry Styles and was wondering if I could help him find his homeroom. I cough my self starring at him and said sure. I told him to follow me and that he was in all of my classes so he could just follow me for the day.

When we got to our homeroom I told him that the teachers name was Ms. Moore and that she teaches math. All Harry did was give me a little smirk showing his right dimple. I thought that I was going to pass out because I love guys with dimples I think there soo cute. I sat beside my friend Brendan he had asked me did I want to here a joke and I said not really but he continued his joke " why didn't two 4's want to eat lunch?" I said I don't know and he replied "because they already 8" I said that it was the stupidest joke ever and playfully punched his arm.

I than look to see where Harry had sat. I looked every where and than notices that he sat in a corner. I got out of my seat and walked over to where he was and asked him why he was sitting in the corner away from everyone else. He said that he didn't know anyone so he sat away from every one. I told harry that it was a seat beside me that he could sit in. He said thanks. Then he asked me why was I being so nice to him cause he had heard that I was rude. I stop to think why I was being so nice to him cause I usually be a bitch to the new people. I just said...

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< thx 4 reading my book I'll b updating really soon love u all ❤️

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