Will We Ever Love ? (Harry fan fic

Hey I'm Chanel I go to Western Branch High School I'm 16 and head of the popular group. First day of Senior year and a new guy comes to our school. Will he get my heart or will he throw it away ? Read to find out ;)


3. Learning about Harry

Chanel POV

Hi class I'm Ms.Crum and I will be your English teacher this year. Your first assignment is to write a paper on what ever you like or like to do. I tough about what I wanted to talk about I decided to write about what I like to do like playing Xbox and longboarding first than I said that I would write about my favorite place the United Kingdom (UK). I finished my paper and Ms. Crum asked Harry to read his to the class.

Harry's POV

Ms. Crum asked me to read my paper to the class. I got up and went to the front of my class I read my paper to the class . I put that I like to playing Xbox and longboarding and that I used to live in the UK but my mum and dad got a divorce so I came to the US with my mum.

Chanel's POV

I learned so much about Harry and I noticed that I like a lot of the same things as Harry. I know that I like Harry a lot but he doesn't seem interested in me. Next the teacher asked me to read my to the class so I did as I was told. I read my paper and when I looked up at the class the first person i looked at was harry he had a big smirk on his face I just smiled and sat back down then some others went up to read there's .

Harry's POV

I was so surprised that she liked the same stuff as me because she looked like one of the girls that would only care about her self. After that bell we went to lunch and I got my lunch and didn't see where I could set it was people every where.

Chanel's POV

I sat down at my lunch table with some of my friends and I told them about Harry and how we like almost the same things. I looked over to see if he was in the cafeteria. He was looking for a place to set and eat at. I tapped his shoulder and was shocked to see me. I asked did he want to set with my friend and I he just said ok thanks. Harry told us about his family and that he had a sister named Gemma she sounded really nice and fun so I would like to hear more of her but I didn't want to get to know his family when I dearly knew him so I kept the thoughts to myself.

The bell rung and I went and got my 3,4 and 5 bell stuff. Next bell I had was science I loved science it was my best subject. I sat in the forth row out of the eight rows. It had name tags for us to sit and that our lab partners would sit beside you I looked at the name tag and it had the name Harry E. Styles . I was wondering what his middle name was until he had said Edward. Then he told me that his middle name is Edward and his real surname is Milward. Harry Edward Milward Styles. I though his name was cute either way. He asked me what my middle name was and I told him it was Nhicole (Nicole I just spell it different) he said that I had a pretty name. I said thanks and gave him a warm smile. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Thx for reading I think I'm going to be updating on Fridays -Mondays or at lest try to lots of love CNS<3❤️

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