Will We Ever Love ? (Harry fan fic

Hey I'm Chanel I go to Western Branch High School I'm 16 and head of the popular group. First day of Senior year and a new guy comes to our school. Will he get my heart or will he throw it away ? Read to find out ;)


2. Does she like me ?

Harry's POV

Re cap:

(I than look to see where Harry had sat. I looked every where and than notices that he sat in a corner. I got out of my seat and walked over to where he was and asked him why he was sitting in the corner away from everyone else. He said that he didn't know anyone so he sat away from every one. I told harry that it was a seat beside me that he could sit in. He said thanks. Then he asked me why was I being so nice to him cause he had heard that I was rude. I stop to think why I was being so nice to him cause I usually be a bitch to the new people. I just said...)

Chanel's POV

I just said that I wanted to get to know you that's all. I think you could be one of the populars with me and that's a gift. Than Harry gave me this note that said would you show me around school after school ? I quickly said yes and he had the biggest smile on his face.

Harry's POV

I was lost and theses nice girls told me to go ask this girl named Chanel and giggled away whispering things to each other. They said that she has was wearing the most expensive clothes and stuff. I went down the 800 hall and I see a girl with a Tiffany & Co bag. I was nervous cause I didn't know any one here and heard that she is mean and rude. I tapped on her shoulder and she spun around like she was going to yell at me. I said hi to her and said the my name was Harry Styles and all she did was look at me and than she said hi and she said that she was Chanel. Than I ask her could she help me find my homeroom. She said sure and that we had the same classes so I could follow her for the day. I gave her a weak smirk and followed her in to the room.

I sat beside her and started to think do I like her but I don't think she would be interested in a guy like me. I'm a person that like to stay home and play Xbox and playstation all day. All she does is look at me funny and is being really nice to me. I like to longboard and play sports but I don't see my self having a chance with her. In math class all we did was a worksheet and I finished it like 20 mins of the class so for the rest of the class I looked at Chanel she smiled at me a couple of times and than when on with her work . Than some girls kept asking me questions witch I ignored most of there questions and kept looking at Chanel. I was trying to think of a way for us to be together alone or close to that so I wrote on a pice of paper" do you want to show me around after school if that's ok with you".

I said that I would give it to her next bell. The bell finally rung and I followed her to the next class . I had got really nervous and decided to go set in the back where not a lot of people where. I saw Chanel laughing and talking to this guy and she looked over to me and got out of her seat and walked over near me. She had asked why I was sitting away from everyone . I told her that I didn't know anyone witch was true but I didn't tell her the main reason why I didn't side with everyone else. She told me that there was a chair beside her and that I could sit there I said ok thanks and made my way over there. Once I sat down the teacher started to talk.


I hope you guys like it there is some drama coming in the next 2 chapters ;) plz comment and vote ❤️

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