Blue Box

Ember Winters has had the same dream as long as she could remember. Monsters and chocolate. Doctors and boxes. But they are only dreams, right?
Oh, they're real. And Ember is soon going to get the surprise of a life time. Everything she has ever thought was real is an illusion. All the things she claimed didn't exist. Well, they do. And the man she has known all her life from a dream, he will save her life.


4. Why the Doctor Wanted Me

     "Business?" I asked.

     "Yes, business. I did not come for a vacation, Ember. I came to warn you. There is someone here, someone close to you, someone you see every day, who is not who he seems. Been here for twenty plus years, looking for the perfect victim."

     "What do this have to do with me?"

     "I think it is your sister."

      "My sister is an alien?"

     "No." Just as I began to let relief flood in, the Doctor continued. "She's just turning in to one."

      "Explain." I requested, although it came out as a harsh order.

     "Twenty years ago, a criminal from the planet of Secar Detinu escaped. He stole two special rings that allow one to change appearance, and a teleportation device, good for one use. He landed on Earth and stayed. Of course, he didn't have a choice. Anyway, about two years ago, he moved here, to Mississippi, the most bland place in America, no offense," he added, after noticing the look on my face. "He met your sister, and he began her transformation.

     "He probably needed specific characteristics so he could do so though. Tell me about her."

     "You wanted me so I could tell you about my sister? You're beginning to sound like every guy at my school."

     "Yeah? Well, I'm not like anyone at your school. I'm not like anyone on your planet," The Doctor fired back.

     "You say, 'your planet' like you don't belong here. Like your from some other world."

     "Look, I'm not here to tell you my life story! Tell me about your sister!"

      "Fine," I huffed, blowing strands of my hair out of place. "She is dumb as bricks. She has to bribe her teachers to change her grades to where she could pass to the next grade. Done that since First Grade. Captain of the cheerleading squad. Most popular girl in school. 'Anorexic,' but that's just a ploy to get Mom and Dad to pay more attention to her. Older than me, so I guess she feels that I, as the youngest, am a threat or something. Her real name is Victoria, after my mom's sister who died of cancer. But she broke my arm the last time I called her that. She is strong like that, but she pretends otherwise."

     "When you say, she bribed her teachers what do you mean, exactly?"

     I glared at him, hoping he wouldn't make me say it. "Four-fifths of the school's teachers are male, so what do you think?" His expression changed to excitement. "Don't you dare-" I began.

     "No! Did you think I- No! I just-" He cut himself short and ruffled his (gorgeous) hair with his fingers, puffing out air. "I just though that could help me narrow down the possible species we're dealing with. You see. The victim is not exactly bright, so tricking her is easy. Every species knows that. She craves attention, and that also makes things a piece of pie. She is, uh, 'active,' meaning she is not shy, correct?"

     "Look up 'shy' in the dictionary, and her name is in the antonyms list."

     "Shy people are easier to bamboozle," (I silently laughed at the word choice. Couldn't say I have actually heard that word used in a sentence in reality, only in English class as a vocab word.) "so the 'alien,' as you may say, likes a challenge. Enjoys the difficulty, but not too much. That narrows it down from 257 pure species to 139."

     "What do you mean 'pure?' "

     "Pure as in... Let me put it this way. Harry Potter. If you have a witch or wizard and a muggle together, the offspring is a half-blood. But a witch and a wizard, you get pure-blood. And that's only if both parents are pure, and their parents, and their parents, et cetera." I asked him what pure had to do with anything, and right before explaining, he stared at me like I just drooled all over my light blue tee shirt.

     "Only pure species can transform others, and they, the transformed, become what is called a half-life. They tend to be used as slaves and servants; there isn't anything else they are good for. My guess is your sister is needed for something."

     "If you know the planet this psycho escaped from, why don't you call them up, ask his species?"

     "Not that simple. Secar Detinu has over 468,000 pure species, 257 look exactly the same. I narrowed it to that because of-"

     "The dream," I interrupted. "So, they don't keep track of race?" I questioned, trying to get back on the topic.


     "Dumb, but I guess it must be harder than it sounds."

     "Yeah. So could you like, watch your sister? Look for something odd? A new allergy, or a personality change?"

      "Of course! Anything else?"

     "Not really, no. You - you should go. I'll see you tomorrow."

      "That eager to get rid of me?" I said, jokingly. "The bland Mississippian?"

      "No, I just - your parents must be worried. What's it been? Hours?"

     "Not even close."

     "Oh, sorry."

     "I'll go, but first, I want to ask one question. Who is the alien trying to transform Vicky?"

     The Doctor hesitated before he whispered, "The human name he goes by is Sorcer Live."

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