Blue Box

Ember Winters has had the same dream as long as she could remember. Monsters and chocolate. Doctors and boxes. But they are only dreams, right?
Oh, they're real. And Ember is soon going to get the surprise of a life time. Everything she has ever thought was real is an illusion. All the things she claimed didn't exist. Well, they do. And the man she has known all her life from a dream, he will save her life.


10. Sorcer is a...

     I woke up the next Friday, "Drive By" from Train playing into my ears (until I yanked the earbuds out). Like she had sensed my waking, Mom (who I had avoided since Saturday when I locked the door on her. I hadn't left the room since then, either. Thank God I had a stash of food.) knocked on my door. "Ember, honey," she said. "I know you're awake. Will you please open the door, sweetheart?"

     Silently, I pushed myself out of my bed, and tip-toed to the window. I pulled it open, and sat on the sill, bracing myself to drop. Our house was only one story (technically), but my room was in the back where the hill in our backyard is the deepest, about fifteen feet below. Closing my eyes and slowing my breath, I slid my feet around and out, then my legs, and eventually my whole body. Only my hands kept me from the ground (where I could break a bone on impact) and my room (where my mother could break into at any given moment). I released my hands and fell on my butt, feeling positive it was bruised. I straightened up, trying to decide where to go. Not like it was a difficult decision.


     "Doctor," I acknowledged when I saw him. "How are you?"

     "Well. Where were you?"

     "This again? Must everyone know where I've been?"

     "You haven't been here since Saturday when you -"

     "Yeah, " I interrupted. "I had to jump fifteen feet out a window to get here, so stop your nagging. So, how long to the end of the world?"

     "Don't think like that."

     "Well," I said, pulling some chocolate out my leather jacket pocket, and breaking off a piece. I rested the small piece on my tongue. "Vicky's been getting better. We still don't know what type of race Sorcer is or the plan. All we know is that if he is a Kaeye, he wants a half-life, because Kaeye half-lives are like ticking bombs. If he's a Raguson, the half-life is like a teleporter.  We know there is more to the plan, we just don't know what it is, Face it, Doctor. Either way, we are royally screwed."

     "Where did you get the chocolate?"

     "My pocket. I bought it Saturday. You wanna piece?"

     "You brought up something odd happened Saturday, but you never said anything else. What was it?"

     "Weirdest thing. So I gave the bar to Vicky, and when she touched it, she burnt herself. It was blistering and all that gross junk."

     The Doctor didn't seem to be paying attention, but at the same time, it seemed like he was absorbing everything I said into his vast brain of his. He looked deep in thought, passing his fingers through his amazing brown hair (Ember, stop it!). "Was it sugar-free?" He questioned when he was brought out from wherever and back to reality.

     "Yeah," I replied sarcastically. "I always eat chocolate without sugar."

    "Sorcer, does he eat sugar?"

     "Nah, diabetic." 

     "Why didn't you tell me?"

     "Because I didn't think it was too important. What's wrong?"

     He didn't say anything.

     "What is it?" I asked a little more urgently, yanking on the arm of his trench coat to get him to look at me. To understand that it was vital for him to tell me what was going on.

     "Sugar!" he randomly yelled, moving around the panels on the TARDIS, flipping switches, tapping buttons, and shoving and tugging levers. "Sugar is the key!"

     Just as he was about to press the last button, I grabbed his wrist, preventing him. With my best death stare on my face and my gravest voice, I ordered, "Tell me. We aren't leaving until you tell me what the deal is."

     "If we don't leave, Earth is a goner."

     "Exactly. So start talking."

     "Sugar is to Raguson as Arsenic is to humans. Poison. But it's slightly different. For a half-life, it only burns, but for a pure Raguson, even a single grain could kill. Sorcer is 'diabetic,' because if he even touches sugar, he will die. Do you get it?"

     "Yeah, I think." I released my grip, and he slammed his hand on the button. I was thrown to the cold metal floor from the sudden jerk of the TARDIS. I secretly tucked the chocolate bar in my jacket pocket, whispering to myself, "Just in case."

     The TARDIS made a "whooshy" noise, and I felt like we stopped moving.

     "Why here?" I said, getting up. "How do you know Sorcer will be here?"

     "Just a feeling. Allons-y! I'll explain on the way." The Doctor fixed his hair (Like he needed it), and drew the door open. "Welcome to Secar Detinu!"

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