Blue Box

Ember Winters has had the same dream as long as she could remember. Monsters and chocolate. Doctors and boxes. But they are only dreams, right?
Oh, they're real. And Ember is soon going to get the surprise of a life time. Everything she has ever thought was real is an illusion. All the things she claimed didn't exist. Well, they do. And the man she has known all her life from a dream, he will save her life.


8. Learning about the Doctor... and Then Some

     The door flew open before I even got the chance to snap. The Doctor stood there (looking pretty hot now that he was fully dressed. Okay, he looked nice in a bathrobe and bunny slippers, too.) with an odd look on his face. "What's wrong?" he asked.

    "Something weird just happened. No big deal. I - I just need someone to talk to, and I thought of you." I admitted, feeling foolish for some reason. I stepped inside and crouched down on the ground. "I just - I don't know. My sister was human, and now she's not, and I don't know what to do. I can't believe she's an alien."

     "Well, half alien." The Doctor corrected me.

     "Yeah, you're right. I'm just frustrated about it."

     "You know, Ember, not all aliens are bad. I'm one. Well, you may call me one, just like I could call you one. Depends on viewpoint, really."

     "I kinda guessed you were. You gave it away slightly on Thursday."

     "I am what the call a Time Lord. From Gallifrey." His words sounded well-thought out, like he said it a billion times, but it also seemed like he had difficulty saying it. The words were bitter in his mouth.

     "A Time Lord from Gallifrey," I repeated, seeing how the words felt over my tongue.

     "Yeah, Gallifrey. It was a beautiful place."

     "Maybe we could go after we finish this junk."

     "Nah, why would you want to do that? Nothing too interesting." It was slight, but I had a feeling he was hiding something.

     "If you won't let me go, tell me."


     "I'm curious, okay?" 

     "Nah, I can't go back, so why should I talk about it any?"

     "Can't go back?" I gasped when I realized the truth. "The Time War. You're the last Time Lord, aren't you?" His facial expression changed. I reminded him that I had the Sonic Search and his weird stare disappeared.

     "It's hard, you know? I wish I could go and change it all, but it's a fixed point."

     I nodded like I knew what he meant. "I keep thinking, 'Hey, I understand you. You're not too different. You're just an ordinary man with a TARDIS, but that doesn't change anything.' And here I just learned you aren't even human. Certainly not ordinary, either. I can't even begin to try to understand you."

     I looked at him, and out of no where, I kissed him. I kissed the Doctor, a Time Lord from Gallifrey. Shocked at my actions, I pulled away, crying.

     "I'm sorry," I said. "I am so - I don't know why I did that. I mean, I'm seventeen, you're what? Late twenties? Early thirties?"

     "How flattering," He said in a flat tone. "Technically,  it's early nine-hundreds. Nine-hundred-six."

     "That's one heck of an age gap!"

     "That's what Rose said. Not word-for-word, but close enough."

     "Rose?" I asked. I knew I wasn't the only one to travel with the Doctor, but how many others were there?

     "Rose Tyler. She was my companion before Martha Jones who was before Donna Noble who was before you."

     "Seems I'll never learn all about you, Doctor," I sighed, leaning back.

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