Don't Look Back

Bella Ann Phillips is kinda just like your average teenage girl. Loves Boys, make-up, music, movies, the mall, and whatnot. Her life is not that normal, she hides from her fears, and is no longer feeling loved by her friends and family. She feels trapped. She hinds that fact of who she really is. What happens when she cannot take it any longer? Will there be someone there to protect her and let her know that she has a reason to live. "Bella, don't look back, there's no more time, let's go!"


1. Prologue

Bella's POV (year 2020)

Have you ever felt like you are a nobody, and you had no reason to live. Yes? Well I had. I ran away from my fears, I ran and ran, knowing I could never look back. My life was gone. That's what I thought when I was thirteen years old. I wrote this story about my life for girls like me to know that being popular, having the best boyfriend, or making sure you know the latest hit song that EVERYONE is listening to is not what life is all about. It's your freaking life, you decide for yourself, don't let people knock you around, control you, and make you feel like a loser. I let people do that to me, don't let that happen to you. You are not a loser, you are beautiful, talented, strong, and perfect just the way you are. But, like I said, 'my life is gone.' You may ask what I mean by that. Well that's for another time.

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