Don't Look Back

Bella Ann Phillips is kinda just like your average teenage girl. Loves Boys, make-up, music, movies, the mall, and whatnot. Her life is not that normal, she hides from her fears, and is no longer feeling loved by her friends and family. She feels trapped. She hinds that fact of who she really is. What happens when she cannot take it any longer? Will there be someone there to protect her and let her know that she has a reason to live. "Bella, don't look back, there's no more time, let's go!"


2. Chapter 2: This is my life, A LIVING HELL

Bella's POV

Hi, my name is Bella Ann Phillips, let me tell you who I am. Well I little bit of who I am. I have long auburn hair, and blue eyes. I have an average sized body, not to fat, not to skinny, just right. I am also kinda tall for my age, I'm 5'8 and thirteen. People sometime mistake me for being 18. I love music(mostly :)one direction), movies, writing, hanging out with my friends, boys, playing sports, but my favorite thing to do is being with my bcf (best cousin forever), Nicole Hope Stevens. Nicole is the best cousin you could ever ask for, she is always there for you, never lets you down, or never leaves you. She is in fact a beautiful girl and very talented, here let her introduce herself instead of me keep on bubbling about her.

Nicole's POV

Hi, my name is Nicole Hope Stevens. I am fourteen years old, I have long dark brown hair, and green eyes. Skinny Body, and I am 5"7. I love, music(mostly one direction), boys, movies, writing, drawing , hanging out with my friends, playing sports, and most of all being around my cousin Bella (my bcf). Bella is like a sister to me, she means everything to me, she is so kind, loving, patient, and intelligent. She'll do anything for you, she is always there for you, and won't let you go. Well I think we are done introducing ourselves, let's let you read our story. The story Bella wrote.

Bella's POV

It's such a beautiful Sunday afternoon, way to ruin it when you have to do homework. But, actually I'm happy that I only have to write a poem. A poem about anything so, I sit down on my desk chair, pick up my pen, and start writing in my notebook.

Run, run, run away is all I thought I could do until all of a sudden, darkness. Darkness came over me. I could no longer love him. He was my worst nightmare. But, something was tempting me to love him. He was my shadow, my darkness, and was something even more. He was my demon.

I put my pen down and I reread the poem to make sure it was written correctly. After I was done rereading it, I put in my school folder for writing assignments, and into my book bag. As soon as put the folder away my drunk father (like always) walks into my bed room making a lot of noises. He sounded like big foot. 

"Bella, why didn't you clean up the kitchen like I asked you too." He screams at me while asking.

"I did father, didn't you see?"

"Don't give me that crap, you didn't clean it WELL enough. Clean it again!"


"No buts," he says and punches me in the face. "If you don't clean it like I said so, you get no food for the week. "Say yes father."

"Yes...." I'm thrown on the ground kicked in the stomach by my father.

"You didn't say it fast enough" he says while walking out of my room, walking into his room slamming the door.

Yeah! So, I forgot to tell you my father is a CRAZY, DRUNK, PLAIN RUDE, ABUSIVE, UNCARING FATHER. He's been like that for years after he lost his job. My mom doesn't love him anymore, she wants to divorce him, but she is afraid he'll do something hurtful to us. Like in fact KILL US if we leave him. The rest of my family are sweet. Unlike my father, who makes my life a living hell.








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