Lose of the the two boys part 2

Girl Hannah and joleyna was best friends until they broke apart Joleyna got married one day to Zayn but i thought she would be good with Louis but he died and harry did to it was sad the died in a plane crash the rest of the boys were fine but Hannah loved Zayn more than joleyna but hannah left the wedding and went home packed he bags to move away from joleyna hannah had to much hatred on her right now joleyna and the girls showed up and said hannah whats wrong Hannah said leave me alone Joleyna then said why did you leave the wedding Hannah said nothing and joleyna said you just can't leave like this and Hannah walked out the door and joleyna said whatever and cried and saw something on the floor it was a peice of paper that said i love Zayn Malik for ever joleyna cried more and Hannah went in a taxi to somewhere *find out whay happen in The lose of the two boys*2* !


2. all over again

Joleyna's Pov... I can don't under stand you had to show up Hannah she said well i want us to change again please i said maybe i have to think about how many days are you going to stay here they said 3 days i said ok she said wheres Zayn i said upstairs she said can i say Hi to him i said you can ill call him down here ZAYN *Zayn comes down* he says what is it say hi to nathan and Hannah remmber hannah he said yeah Hi hannah and Nathan *Nathan and Zayn shaked hands* nice to meet you nice to meet you too they said to each other note to self i think that Hannah and Nathan are a good couple together and ill give her one more chance being friends with us and the boys i said to her we can be friends again okay she said yay thank you thank you! Zayn said how about we have a hang dinner date tomrrow we said ok that would be nice getting to know each other better nathan i said all of us !!!!!!! tomrrow will be the 1st day until go home*.                         Thanks for read my new chapter and please favor it would mean the world to me thanks again~Whipcream girl aka Hannah ∞

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