Change My Mind

I don’t know if I’ll ever love someone as great as Harry so that’s why I never want to forget this feeling. That’s why I’m scared of moving on. I don’t want to forget what it feels like to be in love with Harry Styles, especially the feeling I got when Harry Styles used to love me back.


69. Manchester

Lily's POV

Calm down, Lily. It doesn't mean anything. They're over. There's nothing going on between Harry and Ivana anymore.

I shouldn't be jumping to conclusions. I've learned from my mistakes. I need to hear Harry's side of the story first.

All Ivana told me was that he went to the bathroom. I didn't want to bother asking her more questions. She would just lie about something or just annoy me. So I just told her to tell him that I called. I'm sure he'll find out eventually.

"Lily, honey, are you ready to go?" my mum calls from downstairs.

"Yes, I'll be right down!"

I put my phone and my wallet into my purse and head downstairs.

For the rest of the day, I allow myself to just relax. I don’t think about anything except all of my stress disappearing - or at least, being forgotten for a little while. I just sat there while I got my nails and my hair done. And I almost fell asleep as I got a full body massage.

I love my mum.

She told me all about her vacation with my dad. She had asked me how my summer at Ed's went and I was surprised that she didn't see me all over the news. My parents are old-fashioned so they only read the newspaper and the news that would be about me wouldn't really be front-page news. I'm glad for that. So I decided to just tell her all of the touristy stuff I did and that I met new people and made new friends. She was happy with that so I just left it at that.

At dinner, while my parents were talking about my uncle visiting them in September, I decide to check my phone.

My eyes widen when I see 12 missed calls and four texts, all from Harry. He must’ve found out that I tried to call him. I must’ve left my phone on silent the while day. I was about to call him back but then my mum interrupted me.

"Sweetie, you know the rules. No phones at the table."

Like I said, they're old-fashioned. I forgot about that rule. I reluctantly put my phone back in my purse, wishing I had quickly sent him a text telling him that I would call him back.

I continue to glance at my watch, impatiently waiting for when we get to leave. I practically ate my dessert in two bites and then I made it seem that I was still hungry when I asked my parents for some of theirs but I really just wanted them to hurry up and finish their food.

Finally, we're leaving the restaurant and I basically drag my parents into the car. I even told my mum that I needed to hurry home because of my monthly visitor. I'm sure my mum told my dad because I noticed that he was driving faster than usual and he kept glancing at me through the rearview mirror.

I didn't want to call Harry around my parents. They would surely question me if I cry, which is most likely to happen.

So when the car finally stops in the driveway, I quickly get out and run up to my room. I close the door and sit on my bed, taking out my phone and open the texts.

*Lily, please call me back*

*It's not what you think. We were just in a meeting together*

*Please call me back*

*Lily, please*

So I was right. My imagination got the best of me. There's nothing going on between them. They were just in a meeting.

Harry must be worried out of his mind with me not answering or returning my calls.

I quickly call him and sit more comfortably on my bed.

One ring.

Two rings.

Three rings.



"Thank you so much," I say to the man that helped me bring my stuff out of the train. I pile them onto a trolley since I brought all of my suitcases, guitar case and all of my stuff for school stuffed into two boxes.


I turn around and see Eleanor amongst the crowd of other people in the train station. I smile as I watch her jog up to me and I wrap my arms around her once she reaches me.

"I missed you so much."

"I missed you, too, El."

Even though we talked on the phone every day, I still missed her.

We pull away and Eleanor helps me push the trolley as we make our way out of the station.

"Are you excited?" she asks.

"Yes, I can't wait to move in. I did not enjoy those cramped dorm rooms at school. And I absolutely hated those co-ed showers."

El laughs. "You're going to love our new flat. And I'm sure you're going to really love the fact that you have your own bathroom."

Eleanor had arrived in Manchester this morning with Louis and they had started moving in her belongings.

"Lou's in the car."

I nod as we maneuver through the crowd, which is quite difficult with all of my things practically blocking our view.

"So, did Harry call you back?"

I sigh. "No. I called him again this morning and left him a couple of texts but he hasn't replied."

When I called Harry last night after coming home from dinner out with my parents, Harry didn't answer. Since it was already late, I was assuming that he had fallen asleep. But he didn't call me back in the morning and he didn't answer any of my calls or texts.

I was planning on asking Louis later when I see him.

"Hmm, I'm sure he's just busy. Louis told me what happened and that he kept calling you yesterday."

"Yeah, probably. I'll just try calling him again later when we've settled into the flat a bit. Um...Louis didn't say anything?"

We step outside and Eleanor guides the trolley towards where I'm assuming Louis is.

"Nope. Louis and I went to bed early last night and we left early this morning. He hasn't been able to talk to him yet, I don't think."

I just nod as I finally see Louis' car. He hops out of the car when we reach him.

"Lily! Long time, no see!"

He embraces me in a warm hug and I hug him back.

"I know. I missed you!"

"Missed you, too. Here, let me help you with your things."

We pull away and we pile my things into the trunk of his car and some had to go into the back seat beside me.

"You're going to love your new flat," Louis says as he drives.

"Yeah, El has already told me a bit about it. I'm sure it's going to be lovely."

3o minutes later, we pull in front of a cute little building but very modern-looking. He parks into one of the parking spots and we start bringing my stuff up to the top floor. The lobby was very fancy, with a doorman and concierge and everything. It definitely felt safe.

We needed to make three trips back to the car until we finally got all of my stuff. Once we got back to the flat, we immediately started unpacking.

Eleanor shows me my room and I practically die. One wall is one entire glass window, just like Ed's flat was. The floor has plush carpet and the walls are a nice, crème colour. There's a spacious closet and an attached bathroom.

This is definitely better than the dorm I had last year.

I start hanging up my clothes in my closet when I hear a knock.

"Lily, can you get that? Those are the movers with our beds!" Eleanor shouts from her room across from mine.

I get up from the floor and make my way to the front door. I open it with a polite smile, expecting burly men carrying beds but when I look up, I freeze in my spot and my mouth opens wide.






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