Change My Mind

I don’t know if I’ll ever love someone as great as Harry so that’s why I never want to forget this feeling. That’s why I’m scared of moving on. I don’t want to forget what it feels like to be in love with Harry Styles, especially the feeling I got when Harry Styles used to love me back.


71. Jealousy

Lily’s POV

“Alright, I’ll be back with your drinks.”

Our waiter takes our menus and turns around, but not before he gives me a wide smile.

I wouldn’t even have noticed had I not looked over at Harry and see him glaring at the back of the waiter’s head.

I clear my throat, pretending that I didn’t see what the waiter did. Harry looks back at me and his face softens.

“So…um, the letter?” I start.

“Wait. I want to say something first.”

I look at him and wait, watching him grow nervous.

“Um…I just wanted to say…thank you.” He glances down towards the ring. “Thank you for wearing the ring.”

My hand reflexively moves up to take my ring in between my fingers and a small smile spreads across on my face.

“Thank you…for giving it to me. I was actually looking for this before…before I left.”

Understanding appears on his face, knowing that he knows exactly when I was looking for it.

“Right. So, the letter,” he says.

“Right.” I rest my arms on the table and lean forward. “So, first of all, I--”

“Here are your drinks.” Our waiter places my drink right in front of me, causing me to have to lean back on my chair to make room. He then places Harry’s drink in front of him and I can see Harry’s jaw tensing.

I’m waiting for the waiter to leave but he just straightens up and faces towards me.

“Did you need anything else?”

“Oh, um, no.” I shake my head and wonder why he would be asking me this after just giving us our drink. “Thank you.”

“Just let me know if you do.” He only says it to me and I glance over at Harry and see him glaring at the waiter again.

I look back at the waiter and nod. “I will.”

This time I keep my eyes on Harry, hoping that the waiter will get the point. Luckily, he does because he turns around a second later and leaves.

“That waiter is a prick.”

A small laugh escapes from me but I stop myself and cover my mouth. Usually, I would scold him for being rude but I kind of agree with me.

“Harry, don’t worry about him. He’s just being friendly.”

I need to get the waiter out of Harry’s head. I know it’s kind of hard when the waiter keeps pissing him off.

“He’s being too friendly. And to you only. Does he not see that we’re on a date?”

His eyes widen as he realizes what he says and he looks up at me with blushed cheeks. “I-I mean, you know, we’re having dinner together and…and it’d be nice if he didn’t try to flirt with you.”

I rest my hand on top of his. “Harry, don’t let that waiter ruin our dinner. Plus, he’s not very good at flirting, anyways. I mean, who flirts with a girl that obviously trying to have a nice dinner with someone? He’s not being a very good waiter, either.”

Harry laughs and I can tell he’s feeling slightly less tense about the situation.

“You’re right. I’m sorry. But if he stares at you one more time, I’m gonna--”

“Here are your appetizers.”

Harry’s smile quickly disappears, especially as I take my hand away from his. The waiter faces me again, totally neglecting Harry’s presence.

“Did you need anything else?”

I look between the waiter and Harry, who’s staring down at the table.

“Actually, yes. My boyfriend and I would like a glass of water, please.”

As soon as I emphasize ‘boyfriend’, Harry shoots his head up to look at me and the waiter’s smile disappears.

I mean, this may not be a date for Harry and I but it clearly must seem like it to everyone else. This waiter needs to understand that.

“If you don’t mind,” I add. The waiter nods before he turns around and leaves.

“’Boyfriend’, huh?” Harry says with a smirk.

I roll my eyes and lean against the table again.

“Shut up. I was just getting him off our case. If you want, I can tell him I just broke up with you.”

He shakes his head and raises his eyebrows. “Okay, okay. Sorry.”

I take a good look around us, seeing a bunch of other people around us, talking loudly, kids yelling and guys with beers in their hands shouting at the game on the TV by the bar.

Maybe I should’ve brought us to a quieter restaurant. This isn’t really the best place to have a conversation with someone, especially with what Harry and I are going to talk about. And the fact that our waiter has nothing better to do than flirt with customers.

“Hey, I have an idea. Why don’t we take our food to go? We can find a much quieter place to talk.”

He quickly nods. “Yeah, that’s sounds like a good idea. Hopefully there aren’t any twat waiters there.”

“Hey, be nice. I might just invite him to go with us if you don’t stop being mean.”

I raise my eyebrows at him, challenging him and he just leans back in his chair and holds his hands up in front of him with a grin on his face.

“Why don't we call the nice waiter and ask him to politely pack our wonderful food and give us our bill like the gentleman he is?” he says in the most sarcastic tone I’ve ever heard.

I just roll my eyes at him and wave over at the waiter. His face lights up as he walks over to us and I’m about to ask him for the bill when Harry interrupts me.

“We’d like the bill, please. And our food to go.”

The waiter looks at Harry and then back to me. “Oh, is there something wrong?”

I shake my head. “N--”

“Nope, we just need to be somewhere. No problem with anything at all.” Harry interrupts me again and if I wasn’t so anxious to get out of here so we can finally talk, I would scold him. Plus, he’s cute when he’s jealous.

The waiter nods. “Al-alright, um…I’ll go pack your food and get you your bill. Is it together or separate?”

“Obviously, together. What kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn’t pay for my lovely girlfriend’s meal?”

I can see the waiter start to get uncomfortable. I know that Harry’s just being a guy so I kind of feel sorry for him.

Kind of.

“Right. My apologies. I’ll be right back with everything.”

He turns to leave and I raise an eyebrow at Harry. I make a show of taking out a piece of paper and a pen.

“His name was Ben, right? I think I might give him my number.”

Harry’s eyes widen before he reaches over and snatches the pen and paper from me. I just laugh as I watch him put it in his pocket.

“Don’t you even dare.” I can tell he’s trying to appear mad or upset but I can see a hint of a smile present on his lips.

“Calm down, Harry. I don’t even know his name.”

“It’s Twat.”

I gasp but I can’t contain my laugh as Harry goes green in envy.

“Hey, I said be nice.”

Not a second later, our waiter comes back and places our food on our table without a word and Harry hands him his card. He quickly turns around and walks away.

“Look, you scared him.”


I just shake my head with a smile as I gather my phone and purse. Our waiter comes back and returns Harry’s card. Just as he’s about to leave, I stop him.


He turns around and looks at me quizzically. I glance down at his nametag.

“Thank you, Adam. Have a nice night.”

He smiles. “Thank you. You, too.”

He gives me one last nod before he turns around and walks away.

I look over at Harry and relax as I notice that he doesn’t seem bothered. Both of us stand up and Harry grabs our food before we make our way of out the restaurant.

Just like I anticipated, there are paparazzi outside and they immediately start flashing their cameras nonstop.

Harry looks back at me worriedly and I see him glance down at my hand before he faces the cameras. I take a deep breath, not thinking about anything but getting into the car safely before I take Harry’s hand and step closer to him.

I can see him snap his head around as he looks at me and then at our interlocked fingers. He’s shocked at first but then he visibly relaxes as a smile appears on his face. He guides me towards the car, making sure to stand in front of me, blocking me from the blinding lights.

“Are you two back together?”

“Harry, are you and Lily together again?”

“Was your relationship with Ivana fake?”

Harry pulls me closer but he makes his way faster to the car. He opens the door for me and waits until I’m seated before he closes it and makes his way to the driver’s side. He doesn’t waste one more second before he pulls out of the parking and drives off.

This all feels too much like déjà vu. My anxiety grows but I just look over at the one sitting beside me and let all of my worries leave my thoughts. I want to enjoy tonight. I want to make sure that tonight goes exactly how I hope it’ll go.

I can’t compare tonight to the past. I’ve done that too many times and it’s only brought me trouble. I need to learn from those mistakes and not let it happen again, especially tonight.

Harry catches me staring at him and a smile appears on both of our faces before he turns back to the road.

“So, where am I going?”

“There’s this place by my school that I used to go to at night whenever I needed a quiet place to think. It’s nothing compared to our spot but it’ll do.”

His face lights up when I mention ‘our spot’ and I smile at the fact that I got the reaction that I wanted.


I take the ring in my fingers as I guide Harry to our location and all I can think about is how this night is going to end.



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