Future Of Us (Louis fan fiction)

Avery and Louis are the perfect couple. Wait let me correct my self. They WERE the perfect couple until Louis left her to go to X-Factor practically crushing her heart while he became an international popstar! When life for Avery couldn't get much worse, she finds out that her best friend got 1D tickets plus backstage passes! Join Avery Into her journey of life.


4. Sooner Than I Expected

Avery's POV

I woke up still on the couch. Oh yeah I must of fell asleep after watching the news! I got up and walked to my room. I checked on my phone and it was 12:00. That means I have 2 hours to get ready. I walked to the bathroom and stripped before I walked into the shower. I started shampooing my hair and started humming to Story Of My Life. What? Just because I don't like Louis doesn't mean I don't like their music. I rinsed it off and finished with the rest of my things before getting out. I dried my self with the towel while wrapping it around my body. I walked out the bathroom and headed towards my closet. I found a decent outfit and put it on 

Avery's Outfit

Avery's Hairstyle

After that I styled my hair and checked the time. 12:50 I decided to eat first so I went to the kitchen and got the cereal out. I put it into the bowl and grabbed the milk in the fridge. I poured the milk in and started eating. When I was done I washed my dish and texted Carter.

Ave: Are We meeting at the mall?

A few seconds later I got a text

Car:NO WAY! I'm picking you up! Hello Did you see the news last night?!?!

Ave:Yes I hate my life

Car: Well I want to see if they come out of the hotel so I'm picking Luna then you.

Ave: Ugh can't I just meet you there?

Car: No! Btw I'm coming early, I wanna wait a little bit at your flat.

I sighed and but my phone in my purse. I started to watch some TV until the doorbell rang. Wow she really didn't mean it when she meant early. I stood up and opened the door greeted by Luna and Carter. "Did you see them go into the hotel?" Luna asked. "How am I supposed to know!" I answered a little annoyed. "Uh Hello! Your living right next to the biggest boy band on earth! Any girl would be  lucky to be you right know!" Carter joined in. "Well I would like to switch places with them!" I started to put on my flats and looked back at them. They were looking out the window where they can see the hotel entrance. I rolled my eyes. "Can we go now?" I asked plopping on my sofa. "I have an idea!" Luna exclaimed. Uh oh that's not good. "We can go look for the-" I cut her off. "No no no no no! We are not going to the hotel." I yelled. "Not you, Carter and I!" She ran out the door and Luna was trailing right behind her. I sighed and started to play on my phone.

***30 minutes later***

Where the ****are they! I got up from the sofa and headed outside the door. I walked towards the hotel and entered. There they were crowding the 5 boys asking a bunch of questions. I pushed towards the front of the crowd and tried to tap Carter's shoulder, instead I got pushed forward and fell to the floor. I tried to get up but the girls kept pushing until I heard someone yell and it wasn't Luna or Carter. He pulled me up and carried me bridal style. He placed me on a chair and knelled down. And right in my face was..............................

























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