‘The darkness drew nearer to me as I felt my pulse rate accelerate. I was sure I knew my way around Halewood forest ever since I had turned seven years old. I reached out trying to grasp anything, something that could help me feel my way out of the darkness. The sound of nothingness triggered my fear of being alone as my palms grew damper until they were seeping with sweat; no one was going to save me. I was on my own stranded with ninety seven percent of my battery left but what was the use of that when I had no signal? The forest always changed its paths so I couldn’t find my way back to my family and they couldn’t find me…’


3. the light at midnight

My alarm clock went off at 9 o’clock. Before  I had the chance to turn it off and go back to sleep my mum dragged me out of bed and accidently made me hit my head  and as if that wasn’t bad enough she told me this stupid joke:

A Chinese man walks into a shop and people don’t understand what he says so they make a translation sheet to find out what he meant because they had a strange feeling they were getting made fun of. On the translation sheet it read:


That’s not right…

Sum ting wong


Are you harboring a fugitive?

Hu yu hai ding


Stupid man…

Dum gai


Small horse…

Tia ni poni


Did you go to the beach?...

Wai yu so tan


I bumped into a coffee table…

Ai bang mai ni


I think you need a face lift…

Chin tu fat


It’s very dark in here…

Wai so dim


I thought you were on a diet…

Wai yu mun ching?


This is a tow away zone…

No pah king


Our meeting is scheduled next week…

Wai yu Kum noa?


Staying out of sight…

Lei ing lo


He’s cleaning his automobile…

Wa shing ka


Your body odor is offensive

Yu stin ki pu


My mum was the only person laughing as I was still recovering from the head banging shock when my mum decided to tell me another joke.

A woman gets on a bus with her baby. The driver says: "Ugh, that's the ugliest baby I've ever seen."

The woman walks to the rear of the bus and sits down, fuming. She says to a man next to her: "The driver just insulted me." The man says: "You go up there and tell him off. Go on, I'll hold your monkey for you."

I attempted to twist my head so I could get up but my mother was too busy laughing at her own jokes that were hardly amusing. My mother stopped laughing and decided to drag me down the stairs without any idea of the pain I was going through. Asking my mother what date it was; I remembered I had a doctor’s appointment for the HIV needle and I had a dentist appointment for a checkup.  My eyes widened as I pictured a thick pointy needle filled with green slime entering my arm slowly, as it pierced a gaping hole in my arm the nurse would press the injection button and a bruise would appear on my arm. The needle would rapidly make its way out my green and red blood seeping arm as I screech in pain throughout the whole process. Butterflies filled my stomach as the warm sticky apple crumble made its way back up my throat before shooting out my mouth as an exit. My mother was far too distracted to notice I had just thrown up and she was using me as a mop to clean it up.


Shouting as loud as I could, I kicked my feet almost kicking my mother in the bum, she whizzed round dropping my legs onto the cold laminate flooring before shouting at me for throwing up on the staircase. I lifted my head up and pushed my body of the ground sprinting towards the front door to make an exit or an escape from the appointments. My cold vomit filled hair whipped against my back repeatedly slowing me down every second.

I slipped in a patch of cold sick that had dropped off my hair hitting my head on the kitchen table as I fell. Music filled my ears as I opened my eyes, my mother was in the front seat of the car driving and I was lying down on the backseats with a lemon cupcake pillow under my head. Touching my hair, I sniffed it only to realize it smelt of apples and had been washed and blow dried. My clothes were clean and I was wearing my favorite green day t-shirt and matching converse with black ripped jeans. What had happened when I hit my head?  


Sitting up, I put my seatbelt on a leaned towards the window watching the gentle summer breeze kiss the golden leaves on every tree. I winded down the window sticking my head out to let the wind gently run its fingers through my hair and lightly caress my cheeks. Freezing at the sight of the Women’s hospital, I winded the window back up and clutched tightly onto my mother’s car sea. The care drew to a halt and I closed my eyes ensuring I had a tight grip on my mother’s car seat. I heard the door click open and felt frosty hands grabbing my t-shirt. I squealed as the hands yanked me out of the car carrying me down the car park and into the hospitals reception room. I remained with my eyes sealed unable to open them, listening out for any familiar voices or doctor Rachides voice. Sighing deeply, I was sure my private doctor was off ill until I heard his voice... Sarah Stevenson’s in practice room two please. My heart sank down into my foot as my palms started to sweat. My mother stood up still carrying me in her arms and walked over to room two as I attempted to kick box myself to safety.


Gently placing me onto a chair, my mother rubbed my back comforting me to ease my stress. Doctor Rachides walked out of his supply cupboard holding a syringe which had a thin sharp needle pointing towards me. Gasping for air, as my mother rolled up my sleeve rubbing my back repeatedly before telling me it was over. How did it go so fast? Why didn’t I feel anything?      

 Tears rolled down my face exploding onto my t-shirt. Why was I crying when it didn’t even hurt? I think Doctor Rachides felt bad so he gave me a ‘you are brave’ sticker and a gigantic love heart lollipop. I snatched it happily and walked out the room noticing all the children staring at my with their big brown and blue yes. I think they must have been asking themselves what is a fifteen year old doing with that? Never the less I was happy to put some delicious strawberry flavored sugar into my stomach after my mother made me sick up the apple crumble.

Walking out of the hospital, I forgot about my dentist appointment and happily munched away on my lollipop until the only memory I had left of it was the stick. Sucking my fingers, I looked for crumbs only to be disappointed because there weren’t any.

My stomach rumbled as I felt hunger strike. I was sure to be hallucinating since I could smell and see McDonald’s right in front of me. Drooling, I thought of a big Mac with a side of extra fries and a mcflurry or ice cream. I gazed at my mother whilst tapping on her shoulder; she was already one step ahead of me turning towards the McDonald’s car park.



My head was fixed on a big Mac and my mother wanted one of those breakfast raps even though she’d already had breakfast. She’ll never understand the true enjoyment of McDonalds. 

I waited quietly for my big Mac. Closing my eyes, I smelled the wonderful aromas of fresh fries and chicken nuggets as their perfume entered my nostrils I clutched my fist and thought of all the yummy foods that were soon to be devoured by me.


Opening my eyes, I scanned the room in search of my mother. She had finally finished ordering and was walking over with a tray containing my big Mac and my Mcflurry.  My jaw dropped as I noticed what my mother had ordered; a big Mac, two breakfast raps, baked beans, ice cream, chicken nuggets and two sides of extra fries. Attempting to steal her ice cream, she smacked my hand and gave me my big Mac.

I sniffed my chicken burger contently before scoffing it down in two gulps.  Carefully opening the ketchup packet I squeezed it over my chips and kept a decent amount to dip my chicken nuggets in. grabbing two chips, I ate a chicken nugget before gulping down two chips every second. I reached out for my spicy chicken popcorn and scoffed them down. Burping unsatisfied, I reached out for my mother’s breakfast rap whilst she was not looking; savoring every bite of my mother’s precious rap. I burped again satisfied and finished off with my Mcflurry.  I had gotten carried away and did not notice grace in the line. My heart sank as I wiped off the tomato ketchup around my mouth sinking into the chair. I rushed my mother before dragging her out her seat whilst stuffing her Big Mac her bag.

She was still eating her burger and had not even touched her chips so I thought I should help her. I ate every single chip in sight not leaving a scrap in sight.

My heart was still recovering from the shock of seeing grace. Checking my phone, I had received multiple messages on my facebook account. Sarah had posted a comment on Facebook saying she saw me eating like a pig and that I needed a real mum to teach me some manners.

Rain started pouring as I hung my head low the trees hung their branches and leaned in the direction of the wind. Lightening stroke as tears ran down my cheeks playfully hitting each other on the way down my face. Wiping away my tears, I crunched into a ball and closed my eyes falling asleep.


I was awakened by a loud honking of car horns only to realize it was my mother trying to wake me up. We had arrived at the dentist’s for my check up. Stretching, I dragged myself out of my mother’s four by four and made my way up to the dentist Clinique’s reception. My eyelids grew heavier as I felt my body weight lighten. My name was called out scaring me onto my feet almost making me scream. I shuffled across the carpet to the practice room. I lay down the soft cream chair and opened my mouth wide whilst the dentist put his gloves on and did a full routine check of my teeth and gums. One side of my molder was eroding so the dentist had to do a filling to protect my gums and my enamel. He cleaned out my mouth with mouthwash slowly clearing my molar with a sharp metal thing I don’t know what it was called. He put it into the hole in my molar then dragged out the erupted gunk that had got caught inside and rotted.


A warm stench of moldy cheese filled my nose as he emptied my molar from all its rotten food. Once my tooth was clean he took out a special took that I had never seen before and placed it in my molar. I smelt a warm rubbery smell and was told to leave my mouth open for several minutes before rinsing my mouth with cold water. I was given another ‘I am brave’ sticker but if not recieve a lollipop, the cheeky little blonde dentist didn’t give me one even though I dissevered it. I should have kicked her bum when I had the chance.


I asked my mother for a piggy back since my legs were dead and I was still half asleep she accepted once I told her she could have the television remote for the rest of the night. Lifting me up swiftly, my mother placed me on her back and jogged to the car.




“Sarah, you haven’t half put some weight on!”


She shrieked as if it was a bad thing. I mumbled her words cheekily back to her like a five year old boy teasing his sister.


“Sarah, you haven’t half put some weight on, ne ne ne ne I don’t care ne ne ne ne ne na.”


My mother stared at me in shock, realizing how childish I was she laughed almost dropping me onto the gritty wet floor. We finally arrived at the car and my mother put me down whilst stretching her back. Opening the door I giggled to myself and slammed the door shut. I searched the backseats looking for Mr. Snuggles my favorite teddy bear that was wedged in-between the chair and the door. I hauled him out and lay down once again on the backseats. I fell asleep once again. I dreamt of my school year throwing rocks at me and on the rocks were engraved their horrible facebook comments that hit me until I bled to death. Brian walked over to me as I cried for help. He stroked my head they took a sharp knife from his back pocket stabbing me repeatedly to make sure I was dead.


Screaming, I woke up with tears filled in my eyes. My mother insisted on knowing what was wrong with me but I never spoke a word. I rushed out of the car took my keys out of my pocket and opened the door. Dashing up the stairs, I slammed my bedroom door digging my head into my pillow. Silence filled my bedroom until I heard a knock at the door, I wiped my tears and ran down the stairs; it was Jo. He stood at the doorway with his blue Nike trainers and dark blue jeans with a hug me jumper on. I giggled to myself unsure if I should hug him or not. I looked at his face which was as red as a tomato but still cute with his brown hair sweeping across his face and his sea green sparkling eyes in the sunlight. Biting my lip nervously I gave him a quick peck on the cheek which made him even redder.


“Hi Sarah your mum told my mum I could sleep over today I’ve got my onesie, scary movies, caramel popcorn and celebration chocolates for us to share.”


“Oh okay…What movies did you bring?”


“Smiley, Mama, Insidious, the woman in black and…Texas chainsaw.”

“Okay cool come in, what onesie do you have?”


“A Donald duck one.”


“ Cooool I have a Daphne duck one, how come you have a Donald duck one is it because you’re trying to copy me because you saw me in it last Christmas?”


“No I promise I never copied it just looks better on me that’s all.”


“Oh does it now fine I’m not wearing mine then, plus you have to let me have the whole box of celebrations.”


“Okay you can have them, what do you mean you’re not going to wear yours? It would look cute us two wearing matching onesie’s we can take pictures and put them on facebook.”


“Fine okay you win.”


I closed the door giggling and I brought Jo’s things up to my room and put them on the single bed next to mine. Grabbing my onesie, I ran to the bathroom to get changed. Once I had finished I took my hair out of its pony tail and brushed it. I ran back to my bedroom and slowly opened the door not realizing Jo was still getting dressed. I peeked in and luckily he had only taken his jumper off and I could see his perfectly structured muscles and his chocolate bar, also known as a six pack. I slowly closed the door and waited ten minutes before walking back into my bedroom again, this time Jo was decent.



  I was comfortable on my bed and Jo on my spare bed but he didn’t want to stay too far away so he just got out of his bed and walked over to mine hauled the covers off me and got in my bed covering himself up instead of covering me! The nerve on him how dare he. I crawled out of bed and took Smiley out of Jo’s bag along with the celebrations he had bought and the caramel popcorn which was in a packet so big I was sure it was going to last a week. I switched on my DVD player and my television. Inserting the DVD into the player I grabbed the remote and ran over to my bed snatching my covers back off Jo.


Jo fell onto the floor laughing like a mad scientist then he grabbed his pillow and hit me on my head. I stood up and hit him back almost falling off my bed unaware of my own power. I watched Jo astonished at the number of times he hit the wall instead of me. We both giggled and carried on having the pillow fight halfway through the movie until we got tired and decided to have a sit down. I opened the bag of caramel popcorn and munched away feeding Jo some popcorn off my hands. I got scared and Jo hugged me tight while I sunk my head into his hood.  Jo thought it was funny so he decided to scare the living daylights out of me. I searched his bag for the celebrations and once I found them Jo screamed making me run out the bedroom screaming my socks off.


When I walked back into the bedroom Jo was on the floor rolling. He said I looked like Jasmine heart on chippy night. I giggled imagining a round girl stuffing her face with fish and chips whilst screaming to scare everyone out the canteen so that she could keep the food for herself the greedy pig.


“I love you.”


From that moment my head was building up with questions and thoughts that were quiet stupid now that I think about it. How could he say that to me! How selfish of him. How could he say that? What did I do for him to love me? Plus he said it at the most stupid random moment- I mean I couldn’t possible say it back to him- what would he think of me? He would think I’m some crazy desperate girl.


“I love you too.”


I froze unaware of the commitment I was making; it was serious and I couldn’t turn back. I sat down next to him on my bed trying to avoid his eye contact and thinking about breaking up with him. Jo must have had something completely different running through his head since he decided to kiss me! What was he thinking the stupid selfish boy. First he says he loves me then he kisses me. Why that boy was full of fresh ideas.


I closed my eyes once again as his perfume smelled stronger as he moved closer to me. He kissed me differently from last time. He was playing with my hair, what kind of a sick person does that? He ran he fingers through my hair before gently kissing me on the nose. Who kisses someone one the nose? I mean how many germs can you find on someone’s nose-what if I sneezed on him?

He stroked my face then kissed my cheek. Who would stroke someone’s face? I mean come on he’s got to be some big nut job. I stopped thinking and pushed him off my bed. What was I thinking? I stood up aware of what I had done then pecked him on the cheek fibbing that I had done it by accident. He smiled going as red as a erupting volcanoes magma before an eruption then he stood up and walked over to his bed grabbing his pillow off the floor.


It was eleven forty five and I couldn’t get a wink of sleep. I turned over on my bed covers looking at the single bed to see if Jo was still awake, he was because there was a light in his bed sheets I don’t know what he was doing maybe some secret reading or whatever.







“Jo I can’t sleep.”


“Neither can I, that is why I’m watching SpongeBob on my phone.”


“I’m bored to and I’m supposed to be sleeping, my aunt veronica is coming tomorrow at two o’clock, not in the morning obviously but in the afternoon.”


“Come and watch SpongeBob with me?”


“No you come over here I’m too fat I won’t be able to fit on that bed.”


“No you’re not fat…have you been listening to what people were saying on facebook! They don’t know you your not fat and you have a healthy appetite don’t listen to anyone that tries to hurt you, their just jealous that they haven’t got your perfect figure.”


“It’s my entire fault it happened because I was so greedy I…I don’t know what got over me. The food was there and I was hungry and I…I, well you know how I am with my food I’ve been overeating since year seven.”


“Who said you were over eating?, I think it’s cute that you love your food, imp not any different from you, I love my food too and I’m lucky I don’t put weight on when…”


We both froze wondering where the bright light was coming from at midnight. I stared at the gleaming light which joyfully danced its way around my bedroom before disappearing into thin air.


“Jo, what was that?”


“I don’t know. It was probably nothing.”


“Are you ok?”


“Yeah I’m fine why did you ask? It’s not like it was a ghost or anything, I don’t believe in superstitious stuff like that.”


“Okay. And I was just wondering… is their anymore popcorn left I’m hungry.”


“Yeah it’s just on the side of your bed.”


“Okay thanks.”


“No problem… can I ask you something?”


“Yep if you want, and how was your football game on our last day?”


“It was good we won five nil and you know before we started going out? Did you like Brian? Only because he keeps telling me that you like him and you’re only going out with me because you don’t want to hurt my feelings.”


“No I didn’t like Brian I had… a really big crush on you and only found out that I liked you when you kissed me goodbye two nights ago.”


“Ohhhh okay. Why do you like me?”


I went red remembering I had asked Jo the same question only but text messaging and I couldn’t believe he had asked me why I liked him I’m person. I felt my blood temperature rising and felt my cheeks which were like burning fire places.



“ I erm I…I like you…because I think your cute…you were the only person there for me when I was down. You never judged me on anything and plus you have super big muscles and a six pack!”


“How do you know I have a six pack? I could have a blob of fat for all you know. Have you been spying on me?”


My face turned as red as the celebrations box and I covered my face in shame. I giggled wondering how he knew I had seen him shirtless.


“I have x-ray vision and u saw threw your t-shirt.”


“Ew you dirty girl what have you been doing with your life?”

Jo laughed sarcastically.


“Don’t know really I’m just trying to eat my way through it at the moment.”


“No you’re not because I already ate through my life years ago, anyway that’s why I’m this good looking.”


We stopped before letting out a pompous laugh that filled the house. I knew my mother was spying on us so threw a pillow at the door telling her to reveal herself. No one answered as I looked towards the doer a dark figure with needle like fingers eyed my bedroom. I stared at its eyes which were plain white all over I froze unable to scream. Jo must have noticed it since he was screaming like a little girl in the bedroom I screamed then looked once again at the door noticing there was nothing there.


“It was a coat there’s no such thing as ghosts.”


 Jo mumbled to himself. I did the sign of the cross and asked God to bless my house and bedroom protecting I t from any evil spirits. My mother entered the room screaming boo. I think Jo wet himself because he screamed like me and hid under the single bed.

 I told my mother what had happened and she apologized for scaring us before quietly leaving out room.


I knew Jo very well and I could tell he was scared even though he was trying to hide it. We said our good nights and fell asleep seconds later. forgetting the events that had taken place.




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