‘The darkness drew nearer to me as I felt my pulse rate accelerate. I was sure I knew my way around Halewood forest ever since I had turned seven years old. I reached out trying to grasp anything, something that could help me feel my way out of the darkness. The sound of nothingness triggered my fear of being alone as my palms grew damper until they were seeping with sweat; no one was going to save me. I was on my own stranded with ninety seven percent of my battery left but what was the use of that when I had no signal? The forest always changed its paths so I couldn’t find my way back to my family and they couldn’t find me…’


1. never trust a best friend

Finally! The lesson was over. I was looking forward to the summer Hollidays all week even though I still had a week to go. I always planned out what I was going to do during the Hollidays, who I was going to meet three weeks before it had already started. It might sound a little weird but since I gave a very mild case of O.C.D it is saught of like a compulsion for me to plan everything out.


“Sarah what are you still doing in the classroom? The lesson over now it’s the holidays.”


Mrs. Laughing giggled as she spoke. I wondered what she was going to get up to during the six weeks holidays while I struggled to get up off my chair. Then I caught sight of an unwanted image in my head that made me trip over my own foot only to land on Brian. You guessed it Brian is the hottest guy in school since he is the captain of the football team.


“Hi…is it Sarah?”


“Yah I’m totally your perfect girl…”


My face screwed up as I was hit by the words I had said to Brian. Of all people, I said that to Brian! I watched the cheery expression of Brains face fade away as his mouth opened his laugh roared through the school corridors and every geeky pupil raised their eyebrows remembering what

had happened to the last girl that had gotten laughed at by Brian. My stomach started churning as I felt last night’s supper regurgitating back up my throat. My forehead started releasing sweat as my vision started to blur.


 “Your one funny girl, we should talk more.”


Brian whispered as if he did not want anyone to hear what he had just said. My vision cleared as I witnessed a Cheshire cat grin on Brains face before he gave me a high five and ran off to his friends.I pinched myself to double check that I was not dreaming; when my brain finally switched on my mouth let out an ear rending screech that scared the flock of birds that were installing themselves in our school chimney.

Shoving my history books into my bag, I skipped happily out the main entrance of St. Benedict. Grace had left me again like she always had done at the end of school times even though she promised so many times that she would wait for me. My phone vibrated inside my school blazer.

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