Find Yourself

I had no idea I'd even get through to bootcamp. Let alone find someone that I thought I was lost to. Let alone find myself. (Louis Tomlinson/One Direction)


1. River



Well, my name is River Williams. I am 19 years old. I live on my own because my parents aren't the most "supportive" and "appreciative". I work in a little cafe in my town and I live in a small flat just on the edge of town. Besides that, I write songs and play multiple instruments. Music has always been a part of me but as I said before, I've never had much appreciation. I don't have many friends besides the people at the cafe. I used to have a best friend. His name is Louis. And no, I'm not lying, Louis Tomlinson used to be my best friend since we were toddlers. We were the only two kids on our street back then so it was sort of inevitable. From that you've most likely figured that I live in Doncaster, which I do. I am only 162 cm tall and I'm a bit of a tiny person in general. I have really light long blonde hair and blue eyes. The only band I like outside of indie music is One Direction, for obvious reasons. Their new album comes out soon so I'm pretty siked. I like coffee more than tea and I prefer rainy days to sunny. More inspirational. 

Tomorrow morning I am driving to London for the X-factor auditions. This is completely not my sort of thing, I more of a "dwell in the shadows" type of girl. But I'll give it a try and I'm not telling anyone, especially my parents, that I'm going so that I don't disappoint anyone, again. Well until then, stay golden. :)








Whale, first chapter and I know that xfactor auditions are in summer and its months until bootcamp and stuff but I wanted to push it up to make it more current. XOXO

-Katie :*

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