The Lifeguards Daughter (A Liam Payne Fan Fiction)

Liam Payne is one of the most known lads in California. Between his dashing good looks, and flirtatious personality, he's known as the hottest lifeguard that works at Laguna Beach. What happens when he comes across an old friend? Or shall I say...two?


4. Colette

I sighed once more and bit my lip.

"Liam, you have a daughter." The memory of that night forced its way into my mind.


"Liam!" I slurred as he pressed me against the fridge.

"You look hot babe." He mumbled into my ear. Chills trickled down my spine, making my body shiver.

We were both drunk, but not drunk enough to forget what happened. I know the only reason I still have a grasp of the memory was because it was the best sex I ever had.

But I won't go too much into that detail.


"H-how?! Since when!?" He asked frantically, pacing around the porch. He ran his hands through his hair repeatedly, glancing back at me every moment or so.

"That night, after Damian's party, when we were both drunk..." I mumbled.

Liam shot me a look and bit his thumb nail.

"I'm really a father? Where's the child?" He questioned, grabbing my shoulders, our brown eyes locked on each other.

I didn't know what to say. Now that he knows about Colette, he's going to want to be part of her life. Should I say she was put up for adoption?

No. Annabeth you're not that type of girl. If you were in his position you would want to know.

But he left me...

"Annabeth!" Liam yelled, breaking my train of thought. I bit my lip and twirled my thumbs.

"Annabeth god damnit answer me!" He yelled again. He was becoming frustrated, and I just broke.

"She's...inside." I stood up and glared at him, now infuriated.

"There. You know the truth, now leave!" I screamed at him, shoving him back. He can't have her, not after what he did to our family. He's no father, he's a criminal and a terrible mistake for a human being.

"What? Annabeth are you insane? You think that now that I know I have a child...a daughter...that I'm just going to act like she wasn't even born? How old is she?" Stress was building in his voice, making me even more pissed off.

"You will NEVER be a part of her life, Liam. Nor mine. Now get off of my fucking porch before I call the cops on you!" I stepped to him, gritting my teeth.

"Just let me see her, Annabeth, please!" Liam pleaded. "Or at least know her name!"

"No, Liam. Once you see her you're going want to be part of her life." I snapped back.

Liam looked down, cupping his face. Please don't cry, Liam, please.

"I-I'm sorry about what I did, Annabeth. You know if I could take it back, I would. But I just want to see her. One time, and I swear I will leave you alone. Just please, let me see her." Desperation was in Liam's voice, and I couldn't help but give in.

"5 minutes. In and out." I sighed, opening the screen door for me and letting it slam in his face.

Liam grunted and opened the door, following me through the wooden hallway. He was eying my place as he made his way through.

"This is Colette's room." I mumbled. His eyes grew wide as he stared down the door. He took a deep breath and nodded at me.

I twisted the door handle, and pushed it open. Liam immediately tip-toed in and stood in front of her crib.

"Annabeth..." I rolled my eyes and looked at him from the doorway.


"Where is she?" My heart sank, and I ran up to the crib scared.

"Colette?! Colette!" I yelled, throwing the blankets around. "Oh my god!" I covered my mouth and looked all around the room.

"The window, Annabeth." Liam nervously pointed to the open window. Curtains were blowing from all of the wind outside.

"Colette!" I screamed, collapsing to the floor.

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