Lovely Dancer

Kat is seems like formal girl but inside she is who she is....a dancer and Justin Bieber i mean you all probably know who is so they got meet on very strange way and got in love in weird way.But they got in love but could that love get through every thing that is going and over her passion?Will they stay strong or broke down?Watch journey of two loves and cry,be happy,be sad,laugh and feel sparks in belly with them.


1. Kings Of Darkness here i come!

People are getting excited and the dancers are so nervous,because of of judges votes but they did not came there from far away to win.They came to prove they self`s and change the world but still nothing.

"Alright,guys you know the rules so let`s rock the stage!"Man in the middle of stage said.

Moves were going on and on but they just could not win them......Kings of Darkness.They were the best dance crew in USA and every crew that tried to beat them just fell down and never came back of shame.

"And the winner is..."excitement was rising "Kings of Darkness!!!"middle judge shouted and everybody started screamed.People loved them and always voted for them.Other crew put they heads down and walked out of the arena in ashamed and sad mode.Kings of Darkness think that nobody could beat them but they didn`t knew that in audions is girl who in future will change the world.She`s name was Kat and now the real work is about to start.


I looked at them and i was about to scream.They just use the dance moves to make other dancers ashamed of just thought that they tried.Which is so sad.In that moment my phone ringed in my back pocket of my tight dark jeans.I took my white IPhone 5s out and pressed the answer button and placed phone on my ear.His voice calmed me down a little bit.My best friend Marko.We are hanging out since our 8 years old.


KAT:Hey!What`s up?

MARKO:Hi!Nothing much just so bored.I`m at house how about to you come to me to watch a movie i`m so bored?Also where are you i  hear some screams out there?

KAT:I`m on tonights competition and you know who won so don`t ask and sure why not.I`m done here so i`m coming right now.

MARKO:Alright then see ya!

KAT:See ya!


I putt my phone back in my pocket as usual in my back pocket and got my way out of the arena and got to my new Mercedes-Benz and got out of parking.I was driving through the night,the slow wind got through my hair moving it in different sides. Marko`s house is not to far away from arena so i pulled on side and found the place to stay.I locked the car and got in house.

"Marko?"I said looking around.

"Hey!Your here?!"he said coming out if kitchen he hugged me and i hugged back.We pulled away and got in kitchen.He was making pop corns.

"Could you take Cola from fridge?"he asked while moving behind the counter .

"Sure."I said opening fridge and taking out two bottles on top of something to eat.I placed them on the table and sat on chair behind it.He was laughing while he was putting pop corns in basket.

"Why are you laughing?"I questioned while putting one pop corn in my mouth.

"Oh,nothing i just thought of something.Let`s go in living room."i nobed and we walked in living room "Did you thought about what movie we`re gonna watch because i have no idea?"he said.We sat on the couch.

"I have no idea either what we are gonna watch."I said and then i remember "Hey,lets watch `MAMA` movie that could be fun?If your not scared of course?"I said and smiled

"Im not scared of course not!!Alright,lets watch that."He shouted a little bit.I started a movie and on half of it Marko fell a sleep in my lap,i moved (at least i tried) but he didnt wanted and then fell a sleep too.

------------------Authors note--------------

Sorry that is so short but its just got like that.But if you liked it please comment i love to read comments and yeah thanks.




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