Lovely Dancer

Kat is seems like formal girl but inside she is who she is....a dancer and Justin Bieber i mean you all probably know who is so they got meet on very strange way and got in love in weird way.But they got in love but could that love get through every thing that is going and over her passion?Will they stay strong or broke down?Watch journey of two loves and cry,be happy,be sad,laugh and feel sparks in belly with them.


3. I love her so much but she don`t want me around

Justin's P.O.V

I wasn't sleepping all night just thinking about her....Kat.Wow i never knew that i will fall for somebody that easy but i dont even know if that's love or something but i just know that every time that i see her my heart start beating so fast and when i first saw her she was so beautifull in her clothes her gangster style made sparks trew my stomatch.I was deep in my thoughts when i heard knock knock on my doors.

"Come in."I said when she oppend the door.My mom....she is the one that i could tell everything.She got in and clossed the door.She came up to me and sat on the edge of the bed looking straight into my eyes.

"What's wrong with you, honey?"she questioned.I putt my head down.

"Nothing what would be."I lied but she now me to good to miss it.

"It's something i know you."She said pulling my head up.

"Well maybe there is something but i don't think its something important"i said and she gave me tell-me look and i started "okay its about that girl that i meat in her best friends house last morning when i got to hotel half drunk.So when i saw her that day i felt sparks in my stomatch and i just couldn't stop thinking about her and when i got to my room yesterday i thought that i'm not gonna see her anymore and ther Usher said that i need to go to get my phone from her and then it came more bigger 'cos when i saw her i just couldn't stop looking at her.She got into my car and i could feel her perfume it was amazing but when i said that i got feelings for her she just said that it will go away and then i'm not going to see her anymore.Well that kinda hurt."I took a deep breath and she was sitting there in silent listening to me.She is good listener.

"Well i don't know what she's like so i can't deside."She said.

"She's more like gangster then a normal girl you know dark clothes,bad attitude and that all stuff that goes with it."I said as she just looked at me.She stood up.

"I don't know then but i think that's just for now that love she is leaving so i don't think you will see her."She said.I raised my eyebrows on her.

"Wait what?!She's leaving but where?!"I almost shouted.

"She's leaving to L.A with her friends but not that she will stay there she then go somewhere else i don't know."She said and just walked out of the room and left me confused.Why is she leaving i mean its not that i can't find her but i just don't know why i even care that much i can have any girl that i want to.But she is just not the same.

Kat's P.O.V 

I was dressing up in my closet when somebody knocked on my door.It was Maria standing there already dressed,smiling.

"What are smilling at?"I asked her.

"Oh nothing just thinking about you and that kiddo Justin.You two could be nice couple."She said.Not a chance.I don't like him i mean i do but......wait i don't like him at all that's my brain playing a game with me.Or not?I don't know i think i maybe could be in love but i don't want to fall in love i'm too young and too dangerous for falling in love with some kiddo Justin Bieber.

"No way that is so not gonna happen and you know me i would never be with someone like him cos you know...I'm dangerous for him it's too much for him to have me near himself cos i don't want to rick to come home and don't find him there.You know what King Darkness did to my last boyfriend and to my parents and im still not strong that much to beat them but i will."I said to her while my eyes watered.

"I know you will beat them cos i have seen you do reharseals every single day and you know that you got us close to you."She said to me confident that much that i wasn't i was loosing hope and thought that i can't do it but when i heard Justin say 'I love you' that made me stronger.But i didn't wanted Maria to know i mean everyone.I got dressed and we got out of closet.I packed last things in my suitcase and we got out of my room.I was kind of sad and angry cos King Darkness made my life a living hell but i lived some how and because of them now i am one very dangerous gangster and even you think i like it i do buy i was very sweet and kind girl and then that happend what happend and changed me completly.


"We told you not to mess around and listen the orders!"They said.I was just crying by my parents bodys....dead.One of them came up to me and looked at me in eyes.I'm so scared.

"You are nothing and you will never be.You come around enyone of us you die with your friends.You life from now will be living hell!"He said smiling and then they left.I was always scared girl and they were always making me scared.I heard police and ambulant sirence.They came and got me up of the bodies.I was just so silent just looked how they move my mum and dad from carpet.There was too much blood on carpet.Police officers were holding me not to fall.But when i saw people from ambulant put the towel on my parents face and say "We are so sorry it was too late."I broke apart.I run upstairs amd just cried by my self.Everythings gone my life everything,i'm gone.Forever.There is nothing that will cept me on this world.Then i remebered.Revenge is the last i need to do and then i can die.I ripped of my tears and stand up from my bed.I was standing in front of my mirror looking my self.My mascara was all over my face,my light color now were so annoying.I took my clothes off and changed my pink bra in black one.I took dark tight pants from my closet and black top.I putt them on and again looked at the mirror.I putt on my black heels and putt on dark make-up,red lipstick and got out of my room.I was walking down stairs and police officers who know me opened they eyes wide while looking at me.

"What did you done with your self!?"They shouted confused what they saw.I was having serious look on my face.

"I just changed."I said.Standing a front of them tottaly changed from head to feet.

"You can't just change in a second what about sweet and kind girl."One of them said.Tobby.He was in love with me when we were little.

"She don't exiced anymore that's why i changed cos i dont want her anymore."I said and walked away.


My eyes were watering but i ripped them off i do not want to cry.I dont need it now.We were in car close to airport.I was looking trow the window when i saw a man in black satnding a front of airport doors looking at us as got out of the car trow his black ray bans.I looked at him and just ignored it thinking that that's no one and made my way to airport.Then Maria and Marko lefted me in waiting hall.Then He sait right next to me.I looked at him.He was smiling at me.Then i smirked.

"So you brought me a new person to kill,ha?"He said still smilling (that wasn't the same person from outside).Turned to me.

"What are talking about?!"I shouted turning to him.Then he grabed my hand and pulled me to himself.I knew were his gun was so i just waited a moment to take it out.I looked in the way where man in black was and he was still there standing.He was looking angry but he was so familiar at the same time.Then said.Luis.A bad boy from King Darkness and a killer who killed my parents was sitting right next to me.but i couldn't kill him there was too many people.

"Justin Bieber.You gave a little hard fish to catch but I'll do it."He said.He was too much serious.Then i broke him down.

"You touch him you die!"I screamed "You want me then let's do this as real professionals.With dance battle right here right now!"I continued.He just nobbed and gave me a be-carefull smile.I stood up and placed on one side while he was on his side.I started music on my beatbox.It was 'Boom Shake Drop' by Flo-Rida and Pittbul.I smiled to him looking in his dark brown eyes.The I started.I was moving from one side to another.Doing flips,moves like i never done before and then finnished my turn with stron jump on my knees.He was looking at me with scared look on his face.Men in black was shocked staring at me.I made my boring look at Luis and just stood there in the middle of airport.People were around us.the rule is to people decide who they like the most and come to that side.When he finnished his boring moves everybody were on my side including Marko,Maria and him 'Men in Black'.


So guys i'm so sorry if it's to short but i'll do better next time and thanks for 51 reads it really means a lot 


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