This I Promise You- Niall Horan

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2. Chapter 2 <3

I still didn’t know what to do with myself. Niall Horan has my phone number. Did this really just happen to me? Of all the girls that he has seen, he wanted my number. I had so many emotions running through my body. I was starting to feel a little light headed, but that was probably because I hadn’t eaten in a few hours, so I made my way to the opposite end of Wal-Mart to grab a bite at the McDonalds. There were still crowds of girls all over the place, but after pushing myself past many girls I was finally there. I bought myself some fries and an ice tea and made my way to the back door of the building because there was no way I was going to push my way past people with a drink in my hand.

 I stepped out the door and I didn’t realize that I was so hot until the cool air outside rushed over me. I stood there for a minute taking in the beautiful breeze then decided to take a seat on the bench just outside the door. Automatically I pulled out my phone so that I could call my mom to come and get me. I started dialling her number when an unknown number pulled up on my screen. Confused I answered and heard the voice I only dreamed about.

“MacKenzie? Are you there?” Niall asked

I stuttered a bit so I took a quick breath to calm myself down then finally responded.

“Yeah it’s me.” All I could here in the background was the high pitched shrill of screaming girls.

“Oh good, I was hoping you didn’t give me the wrong number” He laughed then continued speaking.

“So we are gonna be done here in about an hour, and I was wondering if you were willing to wait around a bit then we could get a quick bite to eat?”

“Yeah that sounds great, I’ll just be out ba-“He interrupted me before I could finish.

“No there is no way you are sitting outside by yourself, to many creeps around. If you come back inside I will have a spot set up for you behind where we are sitting. I’ve already told Paul you are coming so it’s alright. Well I’ve got to get back to signing so I will see you soon!” He hung up before I could respond.

Niall Horan had just asked me out. The actual Niall Horan, asked me, Mackenzie Townsend to go out with him. This was unbelievable. I was about to call my mom and tell her when I actually thought about it for a second. I’m not too sure what she will say, so maybe for now I will tell her I’m going to a friends place. And then when we get home I will explain the whole thing to her, she will understand. I hope.

I gave her a quick text then made my way back inside the building. I could see the back of the boys sign, and standing behind it was Paul, their security guard, who had a chair all set up for me behind the sign.

“Thanks” I said as I took a seat. He didn’t respond, he just gave me a nod of his head then went back to the other side of the banner.

I played on my phone for next half an hour, trying to ignore the weird looks I was getting from girls as they walked by. I had been so zoned out into my phone, that when I felt a hand on my shoulder I nearly jumped off my chair. I looked up to see Paul again.

“Come with me. Now stays behind me, the boys have already made their way to the van so we need to move quickly ok?” I answered with a nod then followed directly behind him.

Girls noticed that I was following behind the famous security guard Paul, and started snapping pictures of me. I wasn’t too sure what to do so I kept my head down and just followed Paul. We got the back doors, and waiting outside the van with the door open was Niall.

“I hope this isn’t too weird for you, because if it is then I totally understand if you want to leave” He looked at me with those blue eyes and I knew there was no chance of me leaving.

“No, I’m fine” I said with as much confidence as possible.

“Ok well we better get in; it won’t take long for the fans to find us back here. There like bloodhounds” He laughed the laugh that I had only seen in videos. I never thought I would hear that laugh in real life. But today I did.

He motioned for me to get into the van and I went to the back. It was a little awkward because the rest of the boys were in the van already. Well I guess it was only awkward for me because they were all just going through their gifts that they had received from the fans and having their own conversations. I took a seat in the back, and Niall was following close behind me. He took a seat then the van started moving. We turned the corner of the Wal-Mart and the van was suddenly mobbed by fans. They were pounding on the windows, and the screams were unbearably loud. I guess I looked a little startled because Niall chuckled to himself as I looked out the windows. I looked up to see if I was the only one startled by this. And I was. I guess I should have expected it, knowing that the boys have probably had this happen to them many times before. We finally got out of the parking and lot and lost the last of the sprinting girls.

“So where are we going to eat?” Asked Zayn. I thought it was funny that none of the boys had questioned why I was in the van with them. I looked up to realize that everyone was staring at me, obviously waiting for an answer.

“We can go where ever you like” Said Harry in his beautiful deep voice.

“Well, I’m not picky, so it doesn’t matter to me, Niall you should pick. You invited me so you can choose” I said looking up at Niall trying not to blush too much.  

“No, you choose, you live here so you should know all the good places” Niall gave me a cute smile.

“Well I guess your right there, what about pizza hut? Everyone likes pizza right?” They all shouted yes in agreement.

“Now as long as no one tweets about this. Niall. We should be ok.” Said Liam with a smirk.

“Hey! You can’t blame a guy for wanting to keep his fans up to date!” Laughed Niall.

Everyone nodded their heads in a agreement. I was looking out my window, I still couldn’t believe I was in One Directions van. Waiting to go eat lunch with them. This was definitely going to be a day that I would not forget for the rest of my life.

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