Scarlett is basically the sequel to cathy cassidy's version so you probs wanna go and read the book so as for it to make sense but don't worry if you dont want to. Enjoy...


4. The talk. . .

Every night I lay in bed thinking about what the future holds I don't know what to to do or think. All this over some boyfriend who was recklessly drunk and whacked right out of his stupid air head.

Knock at the door.

" Scarlett? Scarlett an we talk please? I just want to reassure you that I'm here for you and your not alone we're in this together sp please wioll you consider all the options and I do have a question which you may not like." Mum gabbles.

" Alright, I'll save you the time, Chaz doesn't know, abortion isn't an option, adoption isn't an option keeping my baby is what I want is chaz not the father I want my baby to have and no I am a stupid dozy cow who's up the duff." I reply sobbing.

" Oh Scarlett Flynn/Murray keeping the baby I'm absolutely fine with telling Chaz is the best thing to do and you can't change the babys father. "

" OOOOOOhhhhhhhh MMMuuuuuuMmM!!!!! ! I wail frightened because I have no idea what I'm doing.

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