Isabelle has lost her eyesight due to an accident that had occurred 3 years ago. She is hospitalized and has never been outdoors, she's too scared to go out thinking that she'll get hurt. One day a famous celebrity comes to the hospital to visit all the patients, and that happens to be the one and only Justin Bieber. She was never a fan of him even before she lost her eyesight. But what happens when they meet? How will she react? Will they get close and fall in love? Or will they just remain strangers? Read to find out!


7. Common

Justin's POV

So she actually fell for it, she had no clue I was the Justin Bieber thank god. We got to talking and we actually had a lot of things in common. Our favorite color was purple, favorite food spaghetti, favorite subject english lit., favorite ice cream cookies and cream, and favorite show family guy. She was really funny once I got to know her better, when she smiled or laughed small dimples would appear at the tip of her lip and on her chin. Her hair glimmered in the light and you could see small streaks of highlights, that was only visible in the light if you look real close. She would sometimes accidentally touch my hand, which was on her bed. Shivers would go down my spine and the hair on the back of my neck would stand straight up. I just wanted to hug her and smell her beautiful hair. There was just something about her that was different from the other girls, except the fact that she was blind. She was just so.. likable, she made you feel warm and protected. You could never get sick of her smile and don't forget about her dimples. We were talking about our most funniest moments when we got interrupted. "Justin we got to go", Scooter can be such a cockblock! Is he trying to embarrass me? He treats me like a child, I mean next year I'm turning 18 which means I'm turning into a man, an adult. "It's too bad you're leaving already I was looking forward to your funny moment well...bye" she sounded so broken, so sad. "Yeah, well I guess this is a goodbye.....for now", she instantly smiled after what I said, and I knew I was smiling like a dog that found its bone. She really knows how to make a person feel so special and so happy. I gave her a hug and that made the hair on the back of my neck stand, and a shiver go down my spine. I felt fireworks just hugging her, the smell of strawberry and mango filled my nose. That never happened to me before until today. We went home and I got ready for bed. In bed she was the only thing that was on my mind, I was smiling just imagining her face. I couldn't fall asleep I just wanted her near me, I wanted to touch her and see her face again, it was like she was my drug. I was addicted wanting more and more of her. Images of her were going around in my head, my heart was beating fast and I was smiling so big that my face was hurting. My hands were getting sweaty and I was pretty sure they were shaking as well. I couldn't go to bed, not without seeing her. I felt like I was suffocating, drowning in water craving for air. I got out my laptop and went on Facebook. I went on my fake account and typed in her name in the search bar. I was scrolling down when I saw her face, my smile grew even bigger. I clicked on her profile and thank god she wasn't on private! Her posts were all from a year ago, before her accident maybe? I immediately went straight to her photos and just stared at her pictures that she took before her incident. I fell asleep just looking at her face, her beautiful face that I could never forget in a million years. What was happening to me? Was I, Justin Bieber, in love with a girl that I only knew existed till today? 


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