Isabelle has lost her eyesight due to an accident that had occurred 3 years ago. She is hospitalized and has never been outdoors, she's too scared to go out thinking that she'll get hurt. One day a famous celebrity comes to the hospital to visit all the patients, and that happens to be the one and only Justin Bieber. She was never a fan of him even before she lost her eyesight. But what happens when they meet? How will she react? Will they get close and fall in love? Or will they just remain strangers? Read to find out!


2. Accident

Isabelle POV


Hi my names Isabelle Seen, I sometimes go by Belle. I'm 18 years old and a senior who's hospitalized, and has been for over 3 years. I lost my eyesight so I'm been stuck in this place, I now call home. I've come really close to all the doctors and nurses, they're like my 2nd family. You're probably wondering how I lost my eyesight, so I'll tell you what happened. It all happened during freshmen summer I was in the backseat of the car on my way home from my grandparent house. It was my parents up front and my older sister, Abby Seen, and I in the back, I was sitting behind the drivers side. We were on our way home and it was literally pitch black. I was just listening to my music when my dad said, "What the hell is that guy doing?". I took of my earphones and looked out my window. The guy in the car looked a bit young to drive, he looked about my age. The car on the other lane was driving crazily and came onto our lane. My dad turned the car so we were now on the other lane, and then all of a sudden a huge truck crashed into ours. The car turned over and there was broken glass everywhere. The only thing I remember were my parents yelling if we were okay as my sister groaned and I was silent as my eyesights became blurry, and I felt a stinging pain in both of my eyes. Next thing you know everything went pitch black. I was woken up by the sound of a beeping noise and a phone ringing in the distance. My eyes were still closed and I could hear the sound of my mothers voice, "Why isn't she waking up?". "Its probably from the meds the doctor gave her", my father sounded concerned.  I groaned and shifted in the very comfortable mattress. I felt a pair of warm hands on mine, "Honey? Are you awake?", my mother asked a bit relieved. I opened my eyes, but it was pitch black. I rubbed my eyes, but nothing it was still pitch black. Okay I was panicking, and fucking scared. "H-honey? What's the matter?", my mother asked confused and a bit scared. "I-I can'tl s-see", I replied stuttering. "What do you mean you can't s-see?", my father asked sounding scared. "I can't see anything!", I heard my mom gasp as my father replied, "I'll go get the doctor". I was shaking a bit, why couldn't I see? Is this a dream or something? I then heard footsteps coming closer, "What's the matter?" the doctor said . "She says s-she c-can't s-see", my mom answered. Footsteps came closer to me as the doctor put his hand on my shoulder. "Isabelle?" "Yes?" "If you see a light tell me alright?" "Okay", I replied scared. I was silent, I didn't see a light, it was still dark."Can you not see anything?", the doctor asked. "I...can't see anything, it-t's all black". "Quick take her for a eye scan, and get an x-ray", the doctor said to nurse I think. I then heard a women's voice say, "Hey sweetie, we're gonna take you for an eye scan okay?" I nodded my head as people rolled my bed out.(its the bed that has wheels) The women did a few tests, and later a few x-rays. I was sent back to my room to rest, as the doctors were talking to my parents outside. The door was slightly open so I heard some stuff. "Doctor is our daughter all right? Will she be able to see?". "It's hard to tell, its a 50/50 chance though. It seems that some of the glass pieces had ripped her retina and iris, and has caused severe damage to her eye. So we are going to keep her here to run a few tests and just for safety." "Thank you doctor". My parents came back in and i felt the bed shift. "Sweetie every things going to be alright okay? Try to get some sleep." I nodded as they both kissed my forehead. 


AN: Hey guys hope this was a good chapter!! tell me how it is alright? some of the eye stuff may not make sense so yeah. byeeee!!!! xoxo

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