Behind The Scenes

Layla is dating a nerd, the one and only Marcel. He is always in a vest tie khakis, and a button button up. Layla dates him because she sees who he really is. Sort of like... Behind the scenes. (sorry I'm bad at these :P)


3. Chapter 2

I rushed into class, and realized only one seat was open. Next to Zayn. He had a tissue on his nose, and a box on his desk. Well... I could see if I could sit on the floor. I walked up to my teacher. "Uhm.. I know this sounds crazy, but is there any chance I can sit on the floor?" I whispered.

"Whatever." She said, not really interested. Well then. I took a seat in the front of the room. She started the lesson. "Did anybody actually study?" She asked. There is one thing you should know about my school. It is cheap, crappy, and belongs in a dump. Abbie, the girly nerd, and. I raised our hands. Of course, only two people. Not to mention girls. A spitball hit the back of my head.

"Okay, I guess everybody is going to fail. Whatever." I mumbled. Everybody just chuckled at my remark, knowing it was true. Well at least they know something. After two more classes the lunch bell rang. I walked into the cafeteria, and found Marcel. Sadly I'm the only one who really knows him. Tattoos, ripped, and still smart. Not even the most badass guys or girls, have tattoos. They are ripped, but they're dumb as hell. So technically, he's more badass then them. I walked to the table with Marcel, my tray consisting of an apple, and some chicken. All I ate was the apple. Egg to the back. "Ow." I mumbled through gritted teeth, dropping my apple core.

"Babe, you don't eat enough. I'm worried about you..." He rasped, face worried.

"I'm not the one you should be worrying about. Either way I just... Ate a-a bi-ig breakfast. I'm f-fine." I stuttered.

"You don't seem fine. You wanna leave?" I smiled slightly at the face that he would ditch school for me, but I shook my head.

"I'll leave, but you stay, you'll ruin your perfect attendance record..." I said.

"Maybe I want to." He whispered in my ear. Oh, he wanted to go there.

"Um... O-okay." I whispered. The only problem I had with that was... He would see my self harm.

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