One Direction Imagines

One Direction Imagines.
I take requests, so what are you waiting for? ;) x


30. Olivia & Zayn - Request

Looking into the rear view mirror of your car, you could see the traffic lined up for several kilometres behind you. There was an accident just four hundred metres from your car where a truck had swerved off the road onto the railway track that ran alongside the road. You were late enough as it was when you left your flat, and by the looks of the stationary traffic, you were going to be a lot later, possibly missing the function altogether. Car horns were blaring from behind you and people were shouting for others to move. You sighed and turned off your engine, waiting for the rescue vehicles to clear a suitable path.

It was the night of one of your boyfriend’s band mate’s birthday, and you were heading to the party. You had told Zayn you would meet him there, but it was now forty-five minutes since the party began and you were still stuck at the accident scene. Pulling out your phone from the glove compartment, you had two missed calls, both from Zayn. You unlocked your phone and called him back. It rang several times before rolling to his voicemail. You tried again, this time he picked up on the second ring.

‘Babe! Where are you? Are you bailing on me?’

‘No, no, there’s just been an accident.’

‘What?! When?! Are you alright?!’

‘Babe, I’m fine. I didn’t mean me. Between a truck and a railway. Quite a rather large mess it caused.’

‘Psycho. I thought you meant you were in an accident, I was about to die.’ Before you had a chance to respond, the phone was taken from Zayn and you heard Niall’s irish accent.

‘Olivia! You’re missing my birthday! I think I might cry!’

‘Patience Niall, the best guests arrive last.’

‘I thought I was the best guest. Well, I see how it is. Don’t worry Liv, I’ll make sure we eat all the cake before you get here.’

‘Thanks bud. Can you please put Zayn back on?’ He laughed and hung up the phone. You pulled the device away from you ear and just stared at it. It began vibrating and playing your favourite song before you answered it.

‘And he returns.’

‘My apologies beautiful. How long till you think till you’ll be here?’

‘I’m not sure. Maybe half an hour to an hour. They’re starting to move it the truck a little.’

‘Alright, I’ll be counting the minutes.’

‘As will I my love.’

‘It’d be best if you get here in one piece, so be careful please?’

‘I shall try.’

‘Good.’ With that, he hung up. You placed your phone one the passenger seat and stared out the front windscreen as the back end of the truck was slowly being hoisted off the road and moved. Twenty minutes later, a police officer in a fluorescent vest got out of his vehicle and stood to the side of the road, motioning you to slowly proceed. As you passed the front of the truck, you cringed at how caved in one of the doors was. As the flashing lights faded into the distance you sped up.

As you pulled up at the end of Niall’s street, you glared up at the rainy sky. Replacing your phone into the glove compartment, you opened the door and slammed it shut before jogging up to the house with the blaring music. You opened the door and walked into Nialls foyer. The house was filled with people, explaining the dozens of cars out on the street. Liam saw you first and hugged you before pointing you in the direction of your boyfriend. You spied Nial from a distance and walked up behind him before yelling ‘Boo!’ in his ear.

‘Holy mother fuc- Oh, its you. Yeah, we ate all the cake.’

‘So that over there isn’t cake? Dang, what a disappointment. Anyway, Happy Birthday Ni!’

‘Thanks Liv! Zayn’s on the back deck. Oh, and sorry for hanging up on you. I feel horrid about it.’

‘I’m sure you do.’

‘Yeah, you caught me, I’m actually proud of my quick thinking.’

‘Good for you. Have a good birthday!’ He hugged you and you walked through the kitchen and out the sliding glass door onto the deck. Zayn was smoking with two other guys and once he saw you, he put it out and made his way towards you, farewelling the two guys as he did.

‘She is.. ALIVE!!’

‘What? Alive? No! I can’t be! Tell me your joking?!’ He laughed and wrapped his arm around your waist, kissing your forehead. When he pulled away, you rested your head on his shoulder and he just held you. After a few moments he took you hand and took a step back admiring you.

‘You look beautiful.’

‘Hmm.. I wish I could say the same about you..’ He mocked sadness and dropped your hand, covering his face.

‘You mean.. I’m not beautiful? Oh the pain!’ You walked up close to him and whipered in his ear.

‘I’d prefer you with less clothes on…’ With that, you walked back inside and up the stairs. He quickly trailed behind you grabbing your waist and pressing you against the wall, hands trailing over your body and kisses showering your lips.



Wassup mother f-... no? Okay..

Hey guys and i'm back, nice to see you all.!

This ones for Olivia, my buddy i met on holidays! Hah  hope you guys enjoyyyy and comment below if you want one!

See ya!

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