One Direction Imagines

One Direction Imagines.
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5. 'Nightclub' - Liam

You had been working at a nightclub for the past four months to save up for the trip you were planning to Hawaii. You had just started your shift for the night, and it was packed in the club. The club was a known party hot-spot for celebrities and the likes, so you weren’t surprised to see paparazzi hounding the front door and shoving to gain access.

‘Excuse me miss, only guests on the list may enter.’ You turned to see a security guard.

‘It’s (Y/N), Angus.’

‘Oh, I’m sorry (Y/N), I didn’t recognise you. Go on in, have a good night.’ You smiled at him and walked through the door he was holding open for you.

The club was packed with bodies dancing and mingling. You slowly made your way to the bar and slipped behind it, removing your coat. After dropping your bag and coat in the back room, you returned to the bar area. You saw a friend of yours also working the bar, wearing the same white dress that was your uniform. She smiled at you, before carrying a tray of vodka shots out and into the darkness.

‘(Y/N), can you go and clear some tables?’ You turned to see your boss looking at you.

‘Course.’ Leaving the bar area, you ran into a woman in a short black dress. She shot you a nasty look.

‘I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there.’

‘What’s that supposed to mean? That I’m invisible?’

‘No madam, but it’s a dark club. As I said, I’m sorry.’ She just sneered at you and stalked off. You filled a tray with empty alcohol glasses and after returning to the bar, turned to another co-worker. He simply handed you a tray of drinks, telling you the table they were to be taken to.

Arriving at the table, the lady from earlier was seated there, along with one other girl, and five guys. You quickly recognised the men to be the five boys of One Direction. Catching your breath you went around the table placing down the drinks. You felt Liam’s gaze lingering on you. You smiled at him and attempted to place a drink in front of the lady in the black dress. Instead of her continuining with her conversation, she turned and elbowed you, causing you to spill the entire drink on your dress. The drink stained your dress, and the alcohol wafted around you. The lady sighed.

‘Sorry, I didn’t see you there. Hurry up and get me another drink.’ Your cheeks turned bright red, and after placing the remainder of the drinks on the table you began to walk away. You turned when you felt an arm rest lightly on yours. You turned and were met with Liam’s chocolate eyes.

‘Are you okay?’ You looked down at your dress. Suppressing tears, you kept your head down.

‘I’ll be fine, it was my own fault.’

‘No it wasn’t, she can be bloody rude at times. I’m sorry about your dress.’ You let out a half-hearted laugh.

‘What do you mean, stained is totally in, didn’t you know? Um, I have to get her another drink, so, I’ll see you later.’

‘Wait, you can’t go the rest of the night wearing that dress. I mean, it’s great and all, but after that incident, it just won’t do.’

‘What do you propose I do? I only just started my shift, I can’t leave.’ He looked at you for a moment.

‘Have a word to your boss?’ You looked at him, before walking to the bar and finding your boss.

‘(Y/N), whats been taking you so long? And what happened to your dress?’ You opened your mouth to start talking but was interrupted by Liam.

‘Hey Ben, do you think (Y/N) could finish early tonight? I mean, her dress is ruined and all.’

‘Liam! You didn’t mention you were coming in tonight. Well, I’m going to classify this as a favour to you, so sure, but you owe me!’

‘Thanks mate.’ With that, the tray of drinks was taken from your hands and you were being led out to the back room.

‘Wow... Um... thank you. Really.’

‘You can repay me by going out with me one night?’ You were shocked. Liam. Payne. Wanted. You. Maybe not like that, but definitely maybe one day.

‘I’m going to have to accept that offer.’

‘Brilliant! Now would you mind if I took you home?’

‘Not at all, but what about your friends?’

‘I already told them I probably won’t be back.’

‘You’re really that confident?’

‘Yep.’ You shared a laugh, and after picking up you coat and bag. You left the club through the back door.

After an interesting conversation during the car ride to your place, you invited him inside. He accepted the invitation and after changing, you made hot chocolate, staying up to the early hours of the morning talking. You weren’t sure when, but you drifted off to sleep next to him on the couch. When you awoke, you were lying on his chest, and he had an arm wrapped around you. He was still sleeping, so you didn’t want to wake him. You drifted back to sleep again, and several hours later awoke, curled up into him. He woke up a few moments after you, and pulled you in for a hug.

After spending the remainder of the day together cuddled up to each other on the couch, he asked you to be his girlfriend. Did you accept? Duh. There is only so calm one can be when asked out by a god. But you did manage to remain calm, and that night, you two made dinner together. That, was the start of many wonderful days to come.

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